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ACIM Lesson 270: I will not use the body’s eyes today.

A Course in Miracles Lesson 270: “I will not use the body’s eyes today.”  The essence of this lesson is to reach out from the heart and learn what it means to feel ONE-ness.

My Experience with Lesson 270

This is the second time around for me to do this lesson, and nowadays I usually take about a week or so before moving on to the next lesson.

My family had gone camping on a Friday and I was going up to the camp site a day later as I was not really fond of camping. In the morning, before driving up, I read the lesson and wondered what I would learn with it that day.

The day started really peacefully as I only had to take care of myself – no small kids around. But I had not slept enough. My adult daughter was going to drive with me. I had to wake her and her boyfriend up and get them going. Well, that did create stress in me.

In mid sentence of what could have become a tirade I remembered the lesson from A Course in Miracles and decided I rather have peace today. I decided to look for my heart space and observe the world from there.

My tone of voice changed and I ended up saying something completely different than the reproach I intended. I could see how my daughter physically relaxed, unconsciously feeling that I have changed my direction. Peace spread across all my awareness. And peace spread between her and me.

As we began the drive I marvelled at the beauty and contrast of the Canary Islands’ landscape: The vastness of the different sparkling tones of the blue sea meeting the sand to give way to stones and the greys and browns of the sun-singed land.

This pleasant warmth heat did not allow anything to grow unless it was watered and maintained with human care.

Las Canteras Beach

As we drove up, every few meters of altitude revealed a new the scenery. There was more green, first bushes and cultivated land, bamboo and eucalyptus trees. Then laurel trees and date palms took over, until we were immersed in the lush beauty of the pine forest and vast planes turned green from the winter rains surrounding the mountain lake.

What a contrast! And the smell of a pine forest and sounds of crickets and other insects. Amazing. This amazing island had become my home.

I saw my husband and my two youngest boys and was so pleased to be with them. The plan was that I would sleep there in a tent for the first time in my life – and my husband was worried. I had on several occasions complained that I did not see the need to sleep in a tent when we could perfectly well rent a cabin. He would hate if I was not enjoying myself.

How blessed am I! To have such a wonderful caring partner at my side! How could I sometimes not see this? Well, I was in my heart space and everywhere I looked I experienced joy. Even if I did not look – just sensed the surroundings from within.

If I closed my eyes I realized that this peace and joy was in me. It felt almost as if this quality was spreading from we outwards injecting everything I lay my eyes on with pure beauty and joy.

The children were so happy, they enjoyed themselves so much. Our best friends were there and their three children of about the same age as our two.

This feeling of joy remained with me the rest of the day. We went for a walk in the evening. And really – it was pure joy to see the kids play and have fun with each other, connect with the nature, discover new things to do and see their fantasy awakened. The children, too marvelled at the grass plane, forest and lake as they connected with it.

camping panorama kids

In the late evening I was fascinated with the night sky and realised for the first time in my life what night vision was. I could not believe how well I could see in the night, after my eyes had gotten used to the darkness.

The landscape was lit up by the small sparkling lights of the stars – and I could see the stones, trees and other objects, making it possible to move around without needing a flash light.

I did not sleep well and I was cold most of the night – but the lesson of A Course in Miracles was my mantra and stayed with me during the next few days as well. Was this experience of joy the result of my intent to see with the heart instead of relying on my five senses? Somehow I felt it was.

This was an important realisation for me – I almost did not want to move on to the next lesson. But sooner or later I would need another input.

This is the essence of this world: Everything must change and keep moving…

Original ACIM Text – Lesson 270

I will not use the body’s eyes today.

    1. Father, Christ’s vision is Your gift to me, and it has power to translate all that the body’s eyes behold into the sight of a forgiven world. ²How glorious and gracious is this world! ³Yet how much more will I perceive in it than sight can give. ⁴The world forgiven signifies Your Son acknowledges his Father, lets his dreams be brought to truth, and waits expectantly the one remaining instant more of time which ends forever, as Your memory returns to him. ⁵And now his will is one with Yours. ⁶His function now is but Your Own, and every thought except Your Own is gone.


    2. The quiet of today will bless our hearts, and through them peace will come to everyone. ²Christ is our eyes today. ³And through His sight we offer healing to the world through Him, the holy Son whom God created whole; the holy Son whom God created one.

    Lesson 270 – In other words…

    I will look at everything with love. I let the heart decide, and realize that the power of Love is within me. Now I see all the loveliness that surrounds me.

    The loveliness in my children, my husband, my neighbours, my colleagues. I feel into each situation, giving my Self time to recognize itself.

    I have only one desire, and that is to extend love and unite with every other ONE in peace. As I do this peace extends from me, as it reaches others I recognize what peace feels like and what it is in its essence…

    Lesson 270 A Course in Miracles

    How do you feel about this Lesson?

    What is your experience with this lesson? What insights did you have? What conclusions did you make? I would love to know. You can share your thoughts by typing in the comments box below.

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