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Needs Update: A course in miracles workbook

A Course in Miracles Workbook Lessons & Blog is for us to share our experiences with each other and help each other along, while we are doing the course.

Each of the 365 ACIM lessons will be presented like this:

  1. A picture with a quote from the lesson
  2. The original Lesson from the ACIM URTEXT
  3. The ACIM Lesson, in other words…
  4. Personal experience with the lesson
  5. Your story

I remember when I first started with ACIM in 2008 I was desperately searching for someone who I could share my experience with on the net, where I could tell my story and try to figure out what was happening to me!

If you feel the same, now you have a chance to write to me and share what your feelings, insights, worries and conclusions are while doing A Course in Miracles.

See first if I have made a page about your lesson already, click on it and use the form on that page.

Otherwise use this form further below to write to me. It can be anything, from questions about the course in general or specific lessons to what you feel and what conclusions you have come to.

If I have not put up your lesson yet, you can just add the number and title of the lesson to your experience and I will feature your story with the lesson you are writing about. As soon as I can I will then create the corresponding Webpage for the lesson.

A Course in Miracles Workbook Lessons

I am doing the course the second time around, since May 2010 and this second time I am going  r e a l l y  slow.

Sometimes I stay for days or weeks with a particular lesson. When I am finished with the lesson I create a new page with a picture, quote and blog about my experience with it. So far you can find following lessons with specific pages:

Lesson 269: My sight goes forth to look upon Christ’s face

Lesson 270: I will not use the body’s eyes today

What is the Christ?: Intro for Lessons 271 -280

Lesson 271: Christ’s is the Vision I will use today

Lesson 273: The Stillness of the Peace of God is mine

If you like to share your story, I would be so pleased. I love to know about your insights. You can even upload some pictures if you like – and your story will be featured with your lesson…

How do you feel about this?

What is your experience? I would love to know.

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