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What is A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles Official VersionA Course in Miracles, short ACIM, is the most powerful mind training course I have ever done. The minimum duration of the course is 365 – so a full year. Most people take much longer though. It took me about 14 months.

I call it the blue book,  as it is looking similar to the bible, containing SEVEN volumes, with well over 1200 pages, all written by Helen Schucman and edited by William Thetford.

A Course in Miracles Workbook

One of the volumes is the WORKBOOK containing the 365-days practical mind-training course. This very course is what makes this entire literary, philosophical and religious work so special.

You do the course – one lesson per day – alone in your time when and where you can, applying each lesson to the circumstances of your daily life.

As you go from lesson to lesson you slowly notice a change in the way you look at life. Click on Workbook Lessons to see how the lessons influenced me and where you can write about your impressions…

Helen Schucmann, the Scribe

Helen Schucman never wanted to be identified as the author of the material, but rather as the scribe of this insistent voice she was hearing in her mind. She felt compelled to write down this inner dictation, even though she disagreed at times with the content and really tried to resist the process. How it all came about you can see in this video The Course of Miracles Story

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From reading the text, one sooner or later gets the impression that the voice dictating the content is none less than Jesus the Christ himself, as Helen Schucman confirms. This was hard to believe for me to begin with, I can tell you! But as I went on to study the entire course it became plausible to me that the voice very well may be Jesus himself.

What is the message of ACIM in a nutshell?

In a nutshell the course teaches how to undo the obstacles to the presence of LOVE. In Truth we are ONE and at our core we are LOVE.

But, in this human experience, we identify ourselves with our egos and our conscious mind with our bodies. Fear has become the guide for our choices and decisions, while we have forgotten our true power of the mind.

Which is the Original Version?

The article A Course in Miracles Original will throw some light on which edition includes which volume, who published it and where you can get each one of them.


  1. TEXT

A Course in Miracles Book

Where can you buy the book?

You can get the official blue book format of A Course in Miracles from any bookshop, or directly from Amazon. The Foundation for Inner Peace is the owner of the official version. But the seven volumes are in public domain now.

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