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Judith Lucid Mind Center - judith SchjorringHi, I’m Judith Schjorring, the creator, author and coffee girl of the Lucid Mind Center. The magic of mental power was on my mind since I was a little girl – basically since I can remember. At the time I did not know that it had a sophisticated name and that I would somehow become an expert on that: the Expansion of Human Consciousness.

Wishes Come True

When I was a little girl, I somehow knew that wishes came true. I knew that if I wished for things or certain circumstances in the right way, they would come true. As soon as the concept of “Wishes coming true” became clear to me, I started experimenting with the power of wishing.

I live on beautiful Gran Canaria, a subtropic Spanish island off the coast of Africa, and since 1993 it is our family’s home. Living in this special climate is a wish come true, you know. After growing up in cold Vienna I deeply wished to live somewhere where it was always warm and where no poisonous animals lived. And here I am! Below one of my favourite beaches for a morning walk.

A wish come true - Living on Gran Canaria

My family and I feel very lucky to live in the South of Gran Canaria, as the Canary Islands have the best climate in the world. Loving Gran Canaria so much and knowing it so well after living here since the early 90ies, I also have started an Online Guide about this island paradise in 2014. Check it out: GRAN CANARIA REGIONAL.

My four children born between 1991 and 2006 are my biggest inspirations and my most important teachers in patience, opening up to love and learning forgiveness.

About My Work

My working life began at age 16. First part-time while still a student and  later full time. I have done everything from waitress, parking guard, promoting, cold canvass sales, office work and God knows what more. I always wished I could work in a job which I enjoyed doing. Well, I took me quite a long time to realize that I live and work in the most ideal situation for my personal development and always have done.

judith kronenburg blue textMy life is always very busy, being a mom and wife I do like to work and bring some money home. It gives me a little independence when spending it again. For 10 years I worked full time in a 5 star hotel as an advisor for the sales and marketing division. But then life took a new turn. Since May 2012 I am in the lucky situation to also work from home! Another wish come true.

About Building This Website

To begin with, I just needed a website for my hobby and passion – the exploration of the human mind and consciousness. I sometimes organize and hold workshops and courses, teaching people how to meditate, de-stress and undo their fears.

Instead of explaining to every single participant how I work, what tools I use and why – I wanted to present it all in a website. They then could find the information they needed, when they needed it and read it in their own time.

Natural Learner

Being a natural learner, in 2010 I taught myself step by step how to build my first website and successfully get visitors to my site. I had no idea about websites up to that point in time, how search engines worked, and why certain sites ranked better than others.

judith maspalomas3

I never thought that I could learn to write interesting enough text that could compete with other content creators out there. And that in English, which is my third language! Fact is, to write about stuff one loves is easy.

I learned to find the right keywords and use them in my text correctly, so people like you who are interested in my theme would actually find my website before they would find others. Throughout the years I became quite good at SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Digital Marketing.

What began as a hobby has slowly turned into an online business. I started building other websites with different topic and soon later, I started building websites for clients. The next step was to have employees and freelancers, and now I am Digital Marketing and Social Media specialist for multilingual content. Click here to read more about my digital marketing agency

About my Passion – Human Consciousness

As mentioned at the beginning: Since I was a little girl I somehow knew about the power of wishing and played around a lot until I figured out how and which of my wishes came true. Eventually I also learned to accept that some of them can never come true. I realized that a shining, bright, light and positive mind is necessary to achieve a happy life. What describes that better then the two words Lucid Mind. When I realized that, the Lucid Mind Center was born.

Judith moody

At age 14, I discovered Near Death Experiences from reading the book Life after Life by Raymond Moody. In 2012, I had the pleasure to meet Dr. Raymond Moody at a conference in Gran Canaria. I was always a great fan of his.

Since I have met Dr. Moody in person I respect him even more. At the conference people were bombarding him with questions. But Dr. Moody thoughtfully and patiently took his time to answer each one of the queries – even in the breaks. Impressive, wise and generous personality!

This deep interest of mine brought me eventually to explore the mind and understand where and what the power of the mind actually is.

Two sides to the concept of mind:

  1. The physical brain and human consciousness we know about and can investigate scientifically, and
  2. The mysterious and unexplainable side, such as out of body experiences, meditation, telepathy, remote viewing, lucid dreaming, extra-sensory perceptions and mind training amongst many others.

All of it caught my attention. I was searching and still am for a connection between the explainable and the unexplainable phenomena in our scientific society.

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  1. Wow! Judith, you are a true inspiration!

    I was feeling so lost recently, and somehow i stumbled upon your website!
    And it impacted me deeply. Your website and posts really gave me hope to continue this journey towards my dreams.

    Thank you for living your life! And for sharing your experience.

    • Dear Natasha,
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