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The Lucid Mind Center can be understood as a virtual training centre for your mind. We are not talking about improving only the intellectual or emotional intelligence. These are only two parts of a healthy mind, or LUCID MIND, as I like to call it. We are talking about activating the full potential of your mind. Welcome to my Site! Yours, Judith

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The full potential of your mind

Depth SPIRAL to edge

We wish to help you unleash the full potential of your mind. A mind that serves you effectively in the pursuit of happiness! And that requires connecting and developing the following assets:

  • Intuition
  • Calmness and Serenity
  • Undoing of obstacles to Happiness
  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Life Fulfilment
  • Openness
  • Problem-solving
  • Understanding the Mind-Body-Connection
  • Intellectual Intelligence
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Connecting with others
  • Connection with your Higher Self

Your Mind is Power!

The power of your mind is the KEY: to the fulfilment of your dreams, to your happiness, to a full human life. What you desire, believe and think about during your everyday is what manifests in your life. This immense power within you, if properly trained and channelled, can make any of your dreams come true.

How to make this work for you:

You can pick from our popular topics or read on to get yourself inspired. You will find many different methods and articles on how to open up and train the mind. Try something for a while. When you are ready to try out the next one, return here and pick the next.

Gateway Voyage at the Monroe Institute


The guided exercise lasts about 30 minutes and will take you gently into a deeply relaxed state and you will experience Hemi-Sync.

Free Hemi-Sync


Try the FREE Binaural Beats online now. Put on some stereo headphones and find out for yourself within minutes how this binaural effect works.

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The Hooponopono method is simple, effective and easy to learn. Undo unpleasant feelings such as resentment, hatred, anger or even inadequacy.   

Lucid Dreaming Series edited 1


A Lucid Dream is one of those really vivid dreams. When your dream feels more real than your wakeful reality itself and the next day you could not forget it.

Near Death Experiences Hemi-Sync


Near Death Experiences or NDEs are intriguing peeks into the life after death. The NDE occurs when a person finds herself fully alive and conscious outside her physical body during a critical life or death situation.

Hemi-Sync Store

HEMI-SYNC Technology

With Hemi-Sync© you learn to either focus your brain to peak performance and concentration, or to relax mind and body into deep calm and meditation. Helps sleep and accelerate the healing process.

Judith Schjorring - ConsciousnessI’m Judith, the founder of LucidMindCenter.com. In 2010 I became a Monroe Institute facilitator, to give courses with Hemi-Sync©. In 2012 I became a Reiki Master and in 2022 an active Qigong instructor.

Over the past two decades I have also become a very effective manifestor and positive thinker, Ho’oponopono practitioner and, since 2009, a very dedicated A Course in Miracles student. Read on about me…

But I earn my money with digital & social media marketing, website creation and as a marketing consultant for small and medium-sized companies.

Since 1993 I’ve been living with my family in the Canary Islands, on the beautiful, warm Gran Canaria, to be precise. Living where it is always warm was one of my big childhood dreams. And this has come true and is still going on. Come to my Gran Canaria Regional Online Guide, where I write a lot about the island.

About the Lucid Mind Center

I like to look at the Lucid Mind Center as a gym or fitness centre for your mind.  Let’s take the body as an analogy: It is a well known fact, that the more consistent you train, mostly eat healthy and always look after your body, the stronger and healthier your body is.

Well,  the same goes for your mind. If you would like to have a strong and healthy mind, you have to train it to focus on the things that are important, and use it to achieve what matters to you the most.

You are having a Human Experience

And to spin the analogy even further: The same as it matters for the health of your body, what you eat and how you treat it, it also matters for your mind.  Your mind needs your body and your BRAIN as a vehicle to express it self. You are not your body, nor are you your mind. You are the spirit, the soul or the life energy, who is having a human experience, and who needs a strong body and a lucid mind to live the best version of the human it is embodying.  

Find a Mind Power Method Which Works

There are many different methods suitable for different people. There is no one size fits all. Training the mind is like training the body. Only the exercise you like doing and will do every day is the right one for you. 

At the Lucid Mind Blog you will find the latest articles about mind power methods. 

Thank you so much for reading my post. It means a lot! I would love to know your thoughts! You can leave a comment if you like, just scroll down below. I will answer it as soon as I can. I have put together some articles which might interest you. Otherwise come and join me on Instagram. Yours, Judith

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  1. Judith, thanks for your really helpful blog. There’s so much here. It is exactly the resource I’m looking for. This is a very prosaic question but is there a pair of headphones you would recommend when using hemisync et al? Do you have them connected to your phone or your laptop?

    • Hello Kate,

      So nice to meet you yesterday. Check out the Sleep Phones from Hemi-Sync clicking here. These are wireless, so no danger of getting tangled into the cables. Important is to listen to Hemi-Sync with stereo head phones, and to NOT switch on Dolby sourround sound, as the white noise you hear is where the Hemi-Sync frequencies are in.

      Speak soon,



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