ACIM Lessons with QIGONG Support

Welcome to a A Course in Miracles Support for ACIM students with Qigong meditations and movements. Each lesson post includes the full workbook lesson plus a Youtube recording to support the corresponding lesson and a Qigong Flow routine to help you anchor the ACIM teachings in your mind.

How to start the ACIM Lessons

If you have never studied A Course in Miracles lesson you can start now. Start with lesson 1, and work your way through the workbook continously. Do one lesson per day. If you like you can stay with that one lesson for several days. Don’t do two or more lessons per day. DO follow the order, starting with lesson 1, then the next day do lesson 2, then the following day lesson 3 and so forth.

You can start by clicking on this image to start with lesson one.

ACIM & Qigong Lessons List

Every time I create a new ACIM lesson with a Qigong Flow support for A Course in Miracles students it will automatically add to this Youtube Playlist:

ACIM Lessons in other words

This is a short list of lessons which I started working on in 2016, when I did the Course the thrid time over. Check it out if you like. Maybe it can be helpful for you here or there.

A bit about my ACIM & Qigong Journey

I began my A Course in Miracles (ACIM) journey back in 2008 with Gary Renards Disappearance of the Universe. In 2009 I began the actual study of the ACIM text and workbook, and finished the first round of ACIM lessons in May 2010, around my 41st birthday. A week after I went on the Gateway Voyage Retreat in Toledo, Spain by the Monroe Institute, which was a deeply emotional journey for me.

After that retreat I started looking for ways to support fellow ACIM students on their journey of retraining their mind. This whole Lucid Mind Center website is aimed at that. In 2021 I rediscovered Qigong and realized how helpful this would be for other ACIM students, too. Soon I began studying Qigong to qualify as an instructor, teaching classes to friends and family in early 2022. In the autumn of 2022 I qualified as an Qigong instructor, and am teaching regular in person classes and workshops in Gran Canaria, as well as recording free classes for Youtube. I have an deep-rooted need to get the word out there.

How this ACIM & QIGONG Endeavour Began

Since the beginning of the my Qigong journey, I have been playing with the thought of recording A Course in Miracles classes for each on of the 365 workbook lessons. I mentioned this idea to my Qigong mentor and a fellow ACIM teacher on a Qigong retreat in Barcelona in September 2023. Both thought that to be a wonderful idea, and with their encouragement I began recording the ACIM lessons with Qigong soon after.

I would love to know what you think and if theses classes help you at all. I am also open for suggestions. Love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment below.

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