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Alignment is the Key

Alignment is the key. In any area of life on Earth. Whether on an emotional, mental, spiritual, business, or any other level, you have to align all the powers you have, for things to work for you, the people around you and the world in general

Win Win For Everyone

When the three aspects of you are aligned, namely body, mind and soul or spirit, all issues in your life begin aligning and any endeavour becomes a win win situation for everyone involved.

Entering the Circle Olga Kharitidi no edge

Recently I re-read a section in my favourite book Entering the Circle, the only book that I have read five times and more. It is an autobiography by an Russian psychiatrist in Siberia, during the former Soviet Union.

Olga meets Siberian Shamans in the Altai mountains and Russian scientists in ultra modern laboratories, who help her enter altered states of consciouness, Lucid Dreams and Out of Body Experiences (OBE). In one of her profound OBE’s she receives a message which stuck with me since I read for the first time in 1995: 

“It is extremly important, … , that every choice you make is tested by conscious questioning, if your choice meets the five attributes. If even one of them is absent you must look for another direction. The five attributes are: Truth, Beauty, Health, Happiness & Light”

This fits perfectly into aligning our thoughts and actions to make every encounter a win win situation for every one involved. But alignment needs to go further than simply on the mental level. We need to align with our true essence, and we need to center our attention into the now, into this present moment. And the easiest way to do that is through our physical body.

It took me 50 Years to understand Alignment

I gotta say, it took me more than 50 years to understand that bit. I was always giving myself TIME. Ok, you may need a little time to align your goals with your abilities and circumstances. But for me the factor “time” was always more important than the factor “alignment”. It made me drag things out unnecessarily.

Since I am doing daily Qigong Flows and Meditations and aligning my mind with my body and Spirit in meditation, and watching consciously the sun rise and set every day, observing my breathing, my reactions, my ego, but also my expressions of love, have I finally understood that alignment is the key.

My Advice for You

Do what ever you can on a DAILY basis to remember that you are a spiritual or divine being with a mind, free will and human body at your disposal, under your control. You are way more powerful than you think. And also, you are way more than just a body or number, a member of a race, a company, religion or relation ship.

Your Mission

You are here on Earth with a mission. We all are. Every single one of us has a common goal, plus a special function or mission. Our common goal is to remember who we are in Truth. And our mission is to align our body, mind and spirit and do what we came here to do. What ever it is that you are here for, only you can do.

Your Mission does not have to be anything big! It could be simply being a good parent, an attentive child, a pleasant co-worker. A great spouse. Someone who stops someone else in their tracks and leads them onto a better path. A writer, a sales person, a teacher, a baker, a handy-man. It does not matter what it is. But it is yours to do it. And to do it well.

🔆 Let me know if this speaks to you. Do tell your thoughts. And share this with someone who needs to hear this.

❤ Love to you. ~ Yours, Judith ❣


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