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Anger Management Courses Hemi-Sync Support

Find the best support for Anger Management Courses with Hemi-Sync albums which will guide you and your clients to serenity and teach you how to let go and relax. You can download now and begin practicing.

Anger Management Courses

There are three types of recordings below. The first group are verbally guided relaxation albums which are similar to self-hypnosis. They give you relief while listening. These are called either Mindfood or Heart-Sync.

The second group, called Human Plus, are special recordings which help you program your subconscious with specific cues, and teach you how to use those calming cues when you find yourself in a critical situation. Excellent support for Anger Management Courses.

The third group are CDs with meditation music mixed with Hemi-Sync signals which will get you into a deep relaxed state – they are called Metamusic.

Mindfood and Heart-Sync

Human Plus CDs

De Hab Hemi Sync MeditationDe-Hab Album

Eliminate or diminish undesirable mental, emotional or physical habits. Use anytime you are about to follow a behavior imprint you wish to change. Break free of anger or old emotional patterns, eliminate thoughts of failure or move beyond a cycle of negativity. From 15€

(Human Plus – verbally guided – 60 min. )

let go hemi-SyncLet-Go Album

Reduce or release overwhelming emotional reactions that interfere with calm or objective decision making with Let-Go. Control your response to difficult circumstances and counter destructive patterns. Use this simple method anywhere to relieve anxiety, overcome anger or alleviate depressed feelings. From 15€

Human Plus – Verbally guided, Length: 61 min.

Relax hemi syncRelax Album

Obtain instant freedom from physical, mental and emotional tensions. Maintain a state of calmness and think clearly while coping with stress. Overcome nervousness before public speaking or exams. Use to counteract anger or frustration. From 15€

Human Plus – verbally guided, Length: 60 minutes.

Metamusic for Meditation

Click on any of the albums below, which will take you to the Metamusic shop. There you can also listen to a sample of each album. 

Metamusic Stress Reduce 1 Metamusic Stress Reduce 2 Metamusic Stress Reduce 3

Start Today!

Try the support albums for anger management courses above first! They may well help you getting your anger in check without having to attend any anger management courses.

You can order them to be sent to your home. But the fastest and cheapest way is to download them now to your device. No waiting times – you can start practicing today.

You can listen to more samples in Meditation Music CDs and in stress management techniques for non-verbal meditation and relaxation music.

If you are more after verbally guided recordings, which are not strictly connected to anger management courses, have a look in Guided Meditation CDs.

Stress Management Strategies & Relaxation can also be interesting for you to have a look at. Anger often arouses because we feel stressed.

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