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Q: Is Hemi Sync like Hypnosis?

Question: I hear Hemi-Sync is like hypnosis. Apparently it’s supposed to help reach a deeper state of relaxation and therefore help explore these altered states better. Is that true? Thanks….

Q: Self-Hypnosis with Hemi-Sync?

Question: Can I do self-hypnosis with Hemi-Sync? I would like to learn self-hypnosis with Hemi-Sync. Is this possible? Which Hemi-Sync Albums do you recommend? ∼ Klemens (Berlin, Germany) Answer: Dear…

Q: Can one reach deep Theta Brain Waves?

Question: Can one reach deep Theta brain waves and states, easier and faster at will after listening to brainwave entrainment which produces such a state frequently for a while? I…

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