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Believe and Receive – How To Change Your Life Day 4

Ask, Believe and Receive is an ancient lesson from the bible. It is also our theme for Lesson 4 of our free online course on how to change your life.

What you learned so far

Today’s lesson is about what mind set will lead you to the realization of your goals. What you have learned so far:

  • In Day 1 to get up if you stumble and fall.
  • In Day 2 you realized the importance of living each day as if it was your last.
  • And in Day 3 you analyzed which goals are worth setting and you feel passionate enough to follow through. You have learned to ask for what you desire.

The Right Mind Set Believe and Receive

Now we go a step further and look at what kind of mind set you need to have to efectively reach the goals you have set for yourself. Today’s lessons is about trust and faith:  in yourself, your instincts, other people, and life itself.

Believe and receive

In order to receive,
you have to believe.

Whatever you believe in becomes your truth. If you combine your thoughts with your beliefs you can move mountains. When you want to achieve or receive something in this life, you need to understand and trust follwing truths or universal laws:

  • You deserve what you ask for.
    You don’t have to be “good” enough, nor beautiful, able, honest, dishonest, nor anything else special. You deserve to receive and achieve simply because you are.
  • You are entitled to everything this world has to offer.
    It is your birthright to live in abundance, to be happy and enjoy life. You deserve it!
  • You will meet the right people who will help you on your way.
    Allow people into your life. Everything that has come into existence in this world many people have built together.
  • Whatever happens is meant to bring you closer towards your ultimate goal.
    Don’t despair, learn from the situation, your mistakes or other people’s mistakes and move on.
  • Obstacles on your way are actually opportunities helping your personal growth.
    When looking at things from a different angle you realize they are not that threatening.
  • You are guided by your inner wisdom
    You are always guided even if your are not consciously aware of this. It is for example that sudden certainty you can wake with one morning after a period of not knowing what to do.That inner wisdom some call instinct, hunch, subconscious mind or guardian angel, others call it Higher Self, Holy Spirit, God, Source, Divinity or Love, to name a few. Its name is irrelevant. What’s relevant how to recognize this power and use in your favor.Each one of us has experience with this inner voice or wisdom to higher or lesser degree.
  • Nobody is out there to “get you”.
    If you refuse to believe that anyone wants to harm you, two things happen: 1. You begin to look at people in a positive way and 2. you remove the basis for your disappointment in others. You realize they are trying to do their best and you are now able to forgive them their mistakes.

Remember that all these facts apply to every single person in this world. This means that everyone deserves what he asks for, is entitled to all there is in this world, is guided, has opportunities, makes mistakes and is learning to get closer to his ultimate goal.

We are all in this together.

You have got to watch this old, but so inspirational video with Bob Proctor explaining the science of becoming wealthy. Brilliant! Take a bit of time, lean back, listen and learn. Also check out Bob Proctor’s book 12 Power Principles for Success

Additional Instructions – Day 4

In order to receive,
you have to believe.

In the morning read the lesson and text and write down the main idea on a piece of paper or memorize it like you did all the previous days of this course.

Consider again today how certain beliefs have led you to specific situations in your life so far. Can you remember certain beliefs which led you to unpleasant outcomes? Have you renounced these beliefs yet?

Now observe the beliefs you have today. Are they standing in your way of reaching that goal you have set for yourself.

Believe and Receive

A few examples of “unproductive” beliefs:

  • Example 1: “You can’t get rich and keep your integrity intact.”
    With this kind of belief you put your own integrity as a huge obstacle in front of you.
    As a matter of fact, the most successful people are usually the most honest with a strong desire to do things the right way.
    Change your truth in order to be able to move on: “The most successful people are the ones with the strongest sense of integrity. I, too, am successful because I am honest.”


    “In looking for people to hire, you look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence, and energy. And if they don’t have the first, the other two will kill you.” – Warren Buffet

  • Example 2: “All guys are unfaithful and only after one thing!”
    If you want to find a loving, faithful man, you will not notice him even if he is available and living next door to you. Change your truth to: “There are many loving and faithful men out there. Soon I will meet my faithful prince charming and we will fall madly in love with each other.”
    A girl-friend of mine was speaking about men that way when she was “single”. She always ended up being the lover of one unfaithful man after the other. When she complained to me about men in general, I suggested she maybe needed to change the way she thought of men.She agreed to try. About a half year later she started a new relation-ship with a man who was also single, and they have been together ever since.
  • Example 3: “No relationship ever works! There is always one which loves the other one more.”
    Well if you believe this, there is almost no hope for a harmonious relationship in your life. Change your truth to: “The most ideal relationship is when both partners love and appreciate each other equally. I desire such a relationship.”

    When I was little girl, I heard my father say to his mates that there was only about 2% of all relationships in the whole world which were harmonious.
    Already then, probably about 10 years old, I decided that I would be amongst the 2% who have a happy relationship. Well, my wish came true about 20 years ago and is still going strong.
  • “To find true peace and joy, you have to spend 2 years meditating in an ashram in India.” Here you are placing peace and joy miles away from you in space and years ahead of you in time!
    If you would like to live and work in a peaceful and friendly environment, you have to change your belief, right now!Change it to this: “Peace is a state of mind. Anyone can experience it right here, right now.
    Happiness is not a question of space nor time. Happiness is an attitude. I choose to be happy now. I discover ways which help me find my happiness right here, right now.”

So consider which of your truths are standing between yourself and your goals and change them.

The same as on the previous days, when you are ready you can move on to Day 5 – Gratitude Attitude.

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