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Body, Mind and Soul Need Nature to Thrive

Body, Mind and Soul have a three-way connection. In our human existence in the western world we are totally aware of our body and mind, but for some reason have difficulty to relate to our soul or spirit. We have put so much emphasis on our body in the last century, that we are even doubting the power of our mind.

Truth about Mind, Body and Soul

What I have come to realize through five decades of exploration and introspection, and interactions with others, is that we are a Soul or rather a Divine Spirit which can express itself through the mind, using the body as its tool. Everything around us in nature. every living being or thing follows the very same hierachy of body, mind and soul. In fact when you observe the wild life and nature, such as animals, trees, and even plants in our homes, they share generously their beauty generously with us.

Connect Mind, Body and Spirit with Nature

My advice to you and anyone is to go out in nature as often as possible. Once a week, at the least, you have to connect with nature. To remember who and what you are in this cosmic creation of things and how it is all connected. Just a day a beach connects you to nature, even if hundreds of others are there at the same time.

body mind and soul

You have a body which is part of this nature and constantly exchanges energy from nature, visibly by eating, drinking and touching, and invisibly by breathing, smelling, thinking and sensing. Your body is constantly listening and following your mind and Spirit.

Your mind needs to be in harmony with Spirit to keep your body healthy. And for your mind to stay sane. Your mind is the director of your body and decides ultimately what the body shall do. What it should eat, say, think, breathe in, drink, when to sleep, where to go and so on. Every aspect of what your body does is controlled by your mind.

We all have Body, Mind and Soul!

We all have a body, a mind and soul. Or let me be more precise. We all have a body and a mind, and we are Soul or Spirit. That is why we are One. We are all ONE Spirit. We are like leaves of the same tree, or waves in the same ocean, or molecules in the same body. So that we can collectively decide where we all want to go from here. And, what kind of life our collective experience on this beautiful Earth of ours should be like.

body mind and soul need nature

You are NOT Your Body!

You are not your body. You have a body. And it is NOT that your mind is in the body, but rather, your body is in your mind. Your body is an idea within your mind influenced by the ideas of your upbringing and your invironment.

You are NOT Your Mind Either!

And no, you are NOT your mind, either. Your mind is tool, with which you can guide the impulses from your soul or spirit to the body. In our current time on this world, we have put our mind on a pedastal above everything else. We talk of intelligence and problem solving. But our mind creates as many problems as it solves. So how can that be?

Because we have forgotten that we are more than our mind. Our memory loss is so profound that we have disassociated or disconnected our awareness of self so thoroughly that we have created an external mind. We have even found a name for this external mind. We call it the ego.

You are Soul or Spirit

In truth, we are ALL divine or spiritual beings, having a human experience on Earth. In order to remember this, you need to decide to discover the truth. Your mind needs to be trained to put it in the service of your Spirit Self. In the service of your Higher Self. Or Holy Self. Or whatever word you call this pure, innocent and loving Self, that you can feel deep inside you.

Only YOU can train your Mind!

Your mind needs training. My mind also needs training. To be fair, all of us need to train our minds. But remember: Only YOU can train your mind.

Because in reality you ARE SPIRIT. Here to remember in this human existence where you actually come from and who you are in Truth.

“Let me remind you, that you are more powerful than you think. And that you matter in this world more than you ever dared to believe.”


#YouAreMorePowerfulThanYouThink #YouMatter

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❤ Love to you. ~ Yours, Judith ❣

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  1. I found it interesting when you said that for your body to be healthy, your mind must be in tune with your spirit. My friend is inviting me to a mind-body-spirit expo in their state and since I don’t know anything about how that kind of convention works, I looked it up. I appreciate you helping me learn about your article, this will help me a lot to help me connect more with myself, thanks!


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