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Brain Wave Entrainment

When the brain is stimulated by out-side influences, such as light or sound, we are talking of brain wave entrainment. The effects are hemispheric synchronisation and brain waves stimulation.

Whole Brain State

Brain synchronisation or a whole brain state happens when both hemispheres are working in unison. Research has on a group of experienced Tibetan monks has shown that some of them reached the whole brain state after many years of dedicated meditation. in spiritual circles we are talking of seeing the blue pearl or blue light. The average time it took them to reach that stage was somewhere between 8 to 10 years.  They further reported that the average time they could maintain the whole brain state was for about 10 minutes. 

The whole brain state is end result of hemisperic synchronisation, and takes a lot of practice to reach without training and help. That said some people have a gift and can enter a whole brain state spontanously, then we talk of enlightenment or illumination. 

Robert Monroe and his team of scientists from the Monroe Institute experimented with binaural beats in the 1980ies and soon discovered that binaural beats could entrain the brain into hemispheric synchronisation, if applied carefully. They fine tuned the combination of binaural tones so that almost every person listening to their binaural beat tracks could reach the hemispheric synchronisation after only one excercise and the whole brain state with practice. 

Hemispheric Synchronisation

Robert Monroe recognized the importance of Hemispheric Synchronisation and named his newly found technology Hemi-Sync to later trademark it under its new name. On this graphic you can see what his technology does to a brain:

brainmap en 450wide

On the picture above you see on the left a brain during a normal daily activity, for example while you are reading these lines. Some areas in the brain are more active, while others are not.

On the right you see a synchronised brain of a person who is listening to Hemi Sync – resulting in a coherent brain wave pattern. This brainwave state is also called a Whole Brain State – the brain is synchronised. Brainwave entrainment at its work.

With correctly mixed binaural beats, such as Hemi-Sync, you can reach this state usually within the first or second exercise and maintain it for the length of the recording.

Once the brain has learned the whole brain state, it can recreate it easier even without having to listen to Hemi-Sync. Listen to the FREE 3 minutes trial now.

Brain Wave Entrainment

Brain WavesScience has identified five brain waves patterns which are related to the consciousness state of a person. Brain waves are emitted by the brain all the time.

On the image you see the different consciousness state related to the different brain waves. For example, the Alpha state stands for deep relaxation, the sates just before we fall asleep. Excellent for learning and memorizing.

Binaural Beats can stimulate the brain in such way, that a human can reach these states , if she allows it. If you would like to enter into a deep sleep you listen to music enhanced with binaural beats which will stimulate a deep delta state in your brain, helping you to reach that deep sleep.

On the other hand if you have to study for an exam, you need your brain to be super alert, able to learn and store the new data in your memory. Now you need binaural beats to stimulate your brain into alpha and beta state.

Benefits of Brain Synchronisation

In our normal wakeful state we tend to use our logic side of the brain – the left brain – more prominently. The impulses from our emotional side, the right hemisphere, we tend to overrule with logic and reason.

As you know, our brain and body are cross-wired. The right side of the brain controls the left side of our body and the left side of our brain the right side of the body.

Through brain balancing you learn how to access the assets of your non-dominant brain and balance not only your brain, but your life. If you are more left brained, you will learn to access your intuition, emotion or creativity which are some of the attributes of the right hemisphere.

Binaural Beats & Hemi-Sync

I only recommend the binaural beat composition of Hemi-Sync©, as I have tried and tested them personally on numerous occasions, and I know that they can be trusted. Learn how Binaural Beats work and listen to a free trial to understand what we are talking about.

You can achieve different states, like deep relaxation or laser-like focus with different Hemi-Sync music. It can alleviate pain or ADD/ADHD symptoms. Many medical studies have shown that even surgery recovery and anaesthesia can be influenced positively with Hemi-Sync, amongst many more reported benefits

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