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Brain Wave Software for Brainwave Entrainment

Brain Wave Software helps you get the vibrations of you brain into a desired state. From super focus for learning in a sharp ALPHA State or for profound relaxation in a deep THETA state.

Different Brain Wave Software

There are different approaches with either light, sound or a combination of the two to stimulate the brain waves externally or as we say to entrain the brain into a desired state:

  • Sound: Binaural Beats like Hemi-Sync, Drumming, Isochronic Tones
  • Light:  Light Flashes, Videos, Soothing Lights
  • Pulsations: Sensory Reception through the skin, ears or eyes

SOUND Entrainment

Free Hemi-SyncBinaural Beats: You have probably already heard of Binaural Beats and how powerfully they can influence the way you feel. Definitely my favourite approach, and within that field I definitely prefer the Hemi-Sync technology developed by the Robert Monroe Institute.

You can  listen to a FREE Binaural Beats trial of 3 minutes right now if you like to get an idea what it does and how effective it really is. Or you can download your free full length Hemi-Sync meditation here.

Since Robert Monroe has rediscovered binaural beats in the 60ies a lot of research has been done since and new sound patterns have been developed which enhance the brain even faster. I have come across several brain wave techniques over the years, but I feel most confortable to recommend Hemi-Sync to you.

The Hemi Sync Albums

Hemi-Sync is the safest brain wave software for several reasons:

  • It has been around the longest
  • The Monroe Institute continuously investigates
  • Hundreds of thousands of people have tried and tested and swear by it

Since the very beginning Robert Monroe kept a log of all the different effects this sound technology could have on people. You can check out the Hemi-Sync on-line shop here. 

Entrainment through Light

Another very interesting approach to brain wave software are stimulationd through light for brain wave entrainment. You basically lie under flashing lights or even more effective, you put special goggles on, which emit light pattern which stimulate your brain waves. I have tried it and found it very interesting, some of my consciousness explorers swear by it and like to use a combination of light machines with binaural beats. 

PULSATION Brain Wave Software

Entraining the brain through pulsation can be achieved by isochronic tones, pulsating beats directly to the forhead withe special devices or by EFT tapping, to name a few techniques.

Isochronic Tones are single tones which are being switched on and off, creating a pulsating pattern stimulating brain waves. EFT is tapping on energy zones of the body

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