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Q: Can one reach deep Theta Brain Waves?


Can one reach deep Theta brain waves and states, easier and faster at will after listening to brainwave entrainment which produces such a state frequently for a while?

I recently bought Brain Evolution System and have the intention to reach theta and delta brainwave states alone without any external stimulation, and have read only a couple of articles that support the idea of listening frequently to brainwave entrainment for a while and then practice reaching them alone claiming that it will be so much easier.

I just want to make sure if this is true

∼Txs, K.


Yes! Desired Brainwave States  are possible with consistent training. 

Dear K., thank you for you question. To reach particular brain wave states at will is possible – but with training – and lots of it.

It is like wanting to have a highly trained body. You have to train your muscles – depending on what you want it to look like: big like a body builder or lean like a runner.

Some of us have more talent to reach particular brain wave states than others. The same as some people can never look like Schwarzenegger, no matter how much they train, they might not be able to reach a deep sleep Delta state at will, while others can have a deep sleep Delta within a 15 minutes nap.

The brainwave stimulating recordings will help you learn to reach desired brain wave states. The same as a certain gym machine will help you train a particular muscle group.
Once you have learned to reach a particular state and are able to recognize it, you will eventually be able to reach that state at will, without any outside stimulation.

The brain waves are only measurable indicators of the subjective experience of the consciousness state you find yourself in – they are not consciousness itself.
The first state of consciousness you need to be able to recognize and reach – is a deep state of relaxation.
When in deep relaxation our brain emits predominantly theta brain waves – we have reached the theta state (equivalent to light sleep, meditative state, creativity, etc.) Now, the art lies in not actually falling asleep so deeply that one cannot recall what actually happened while there.
And this is where good brain wave software comes in – it helps you maintain awake enough while deeply relaxing. Here the goal is the relaxation.

Out of experience I would say, the best way to learn this though is actually in a brain wave entrainment course or workshop.

Best regards,

∼ Judith

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