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Cancer and Matrix Energetics Field

Cancer has a powerful Morphic Field. Matrix Energetics is “…where miracles happen and where everything is possible” according to Richard Bartlett. “The more people dip into the consciousness of Matrix Energetics, the more powerful the field becomes.”

Matrix Energetics is the field where miracles happen


At the Matrix Energetic seminar, Bartlett used Sheldrake’s morphic field to explain how this virtual mind-construct of Matrix Energetics is to be understood:

Morphic Field of Cancer

The morphic field of cancer, he explained, is fed by the beliefs of the patients who suffer from it, the family which care for them, the doctors who treat them, the pharmaceutical industry who provides the drugs and society and sheer number of people in general who fear this illness.

The more we know about cancer and the more people believe the same thing, the greater the force of its field becomes. The huge morphic field of cancer powerfully dictates today that this conditions is next to impossible to cure without chemotherapy or other heavy artillery.

To heal from it, one has to step out from its field or belief system. The wave or image of cancer has to be collapsed, so to speak, and one has to enter into another field where this illness for example either does not exist or where it is easily curable.

The Matrix Energetics Windows

The Matrix Energetics method is that new field where everything is possible – sometimes instantly. It has evolved far beyond the original Two-Point method in 1995.

ipad matrix windows

Richard Bartlett has come up with a wide array of techniques of how to access the Morphic Field of Matrix Energetics. Instead of two pointing an illness or problem on the body of the client or patient, we learned at the seminar to two-point into the field.

Place one hand on the patient and one into the window of Matrix Energetics techniques and voilá – you have become the live connection between two points.

There are several different access points into the field. Bartlett called them windows, which resemble very much the windows we use in our computers.

Bartlett Superman

For example, if you perceived the window for archetypes to be open, that is the technique which had to be used next. Then you could imagine a board with windows for all the different archetypes you could either identify with or imagine and feel which of those windows was open.

Richard Bartlett absolutely loves the Archetype of Superman. On the last day of the seminar he actually came dressed up as Superman as a gag, to teach us how we need to let go of our pre-concieved limitations of what we can and cannot do.

He instructed us to imagine a display of different windows: each window was an access-point to a different powerful technique. To begin with we were to place one hand on the client, and one hand on the virtual windows board, observing with our finger tips one by one which window was open.

How I used the Matrics Morphic Field

First, I imagined my board to look something like this:

matrix windows 300px 30k

But soon I found this board too complicated to memorize and eventually discarded it. Now I perceive before my inner eye something similar to a running banner like Amazon uses to advertise their products:

I would see the different techniques running by on a virtual conveyer belt, stopping by itself at the technique which I needed to use. I trust that whatever comes up is the technique I need to use.

The most important is to enter the field of the heart. I observed the instant when I enter my heart field is the exact instant when the change in the client occurs. Sometimes I notice the change and sometimes I don’t.

The transformation is not something we need be consciously aware of. Our left brain wants to analyze and reanalyze over and over again. Let it do that. That is ok. Just do not let it interfere with the process. So, always give the left brain something to do. Melissa Joy said, she goes mentally shoe shopping after she dropped into the heart-field and stated her intent.

The more we practice, the better we become and the stronger the belief in the method. The stronger the belief becomes, the more powerful and immediate the transformation.

Richard Bartlett borrowed the expression morphic field from Rupert Sheldrake, who coined it in the 1980ies. To find out more, read this article about Rupert Sheldrake and the 100th Monkey Theory. I first heard of the 100th Monkey Theory in connection with changes within a group of individuals after a critical mass is reached.

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