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Christian Near Death Experiences

Christian Near Death Experiences are very interesting in the sense that dying Christians identify typical NDE Elements as Christian elements and proof of their belief.

Christian Near Death Experiences

These NDEers usually have lived or still do in a Christian environment, but may see themselves as atheists or members of other religions.

The typical Near Death Experience elements they recognize as proof of their lost faith in their religion: The being of light they recognize as Jesus Christ or God, the life review they assimilate as the last judgement, and cities of light are a proof of Christian heaven.

They sometimes also see areas of suffering which they describe as hell. After their NDEs  most of them become devoted followers of Christianity and have a deep urge to spread the word.

Man stung by Jellyfish ends up in the Morgue

This is a story of Ian McCormick, who declared himself as being an atheist, even a sinner not believing in anything before his NDE. At a diving trip he gets stung by five jellyfish, which brings him into a close encounter with death. 

In the ambulance his body was already completely paralysed and he began losing consciousness. Iam knows he is dying, he sees his whole life review in front of him.  By the time he arrived at the the hospital, he had already left his body, floating besides it. 

The hospital staff tried to resuscitate him during a long period of time, but they could not get him back and had to declare him for dead. His body was brought to the morgue. But that was not the end!

Story inspires 2 Movies

When her returns to life, Ian turns to his family’s religion and becomes a faithful follower of Jesus. The movie “The Perfect Wave” and the film documentory “The Lazarus Phenomenon” were inspired by Ian McCormack’s Christian Near Death Experience.

 The Lazarus Effect DVD ian McCormack jellyfish The Perfect Wave DVD. Near Death Experience

Lawyer Recognizes God in His NDE

Jeffrey Thompson has a very busy and stressful lawyer life. One morning he gets severe stomach pain and is rushed to hospital.  After examination in the hospital the medical staff discovers the Jeffrey is suffering from severe internal bleeding, a result from a previous operation trying to fix a chronic stomach disorder.

They had to do an emergency surgery to stop the bleeding. After the operation he regained consciousness for a little while and then fell into a deep coma. While in the coma he experienced a very vivid Christian NDE, which he describes as the “sweetest day” in his whole life.

Out of battered body, he experienced no pain and suddenly saw a bright white light which he described as the presence of God himself emanating only unconditional love. He never felt more alive, he went on to say. He saw things we never see on this earth. He felt like the prodigal sun in Jesus’ parable.

Watch this video where he tells his own story:

Jeffrey Thompson’s main message after his NDE:

“God Loves You! He knows exactly what you are going through at all times. I used to wake up with a knot in my stomach – now I wake up with peace in my heart.”

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