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Needs Update: Conscious Awakening

To experience a Conscious Awakening is a decision or desire we all have expressed at one point or another in our lives. We want to become aware of our inner power and begin seeing the world in a different light or from a different angle.

We call it many different names: spiritual awakening, illumination, becoming lucid, awakening to love, finding peace or simply Awakening, amongst many others. What ever the name, the experience is the same. The only thing that can vary is the intensity of the experience.

Conscious Awakening

Some of us can have an intense experience through Near Death Experiences(NDEs), Out of Body Experiences (OBEs), a deep Lucid Dream or another “mystic” vision.

The rest of us have a gradual awakening, which is often as subtle as the everyday awakening from sleep each morning. Nothing spectacular, and yet we know something we did not know before this instant.

There are different systematic mind training techniques, ancient ones like Yoga, Martial arts, meditation and more recent ones like Reiki, A Course in Miracles,Hemi Sync, Matrix Energetics, the now popular Ho’oponopono, the Silva Method and many, many more which are being born as we are becoming more aware of our true mind power as humans.

How does Conscious Awakening feel?

Let me ask you a question first as a comparison: How does love feel?

There are so many different circumstances which make us aware of love, yet the feeling deep inside is always the same. And that feeling is difficult to explain, totally abstract, and almost impossible to make somebody understand it unless he has had the experience himself.  And yet love is the most important feeling we will ever have.

Well, it is the same with consious awakening. It is a sense of knowing. It is a sense of dipping into peace and returning more complete than before.

The circumstances of each person’s awakening are different and yet the circumstances which lead to the actual awakening are irrelevant. What matters is the experience of awakening. We become more lucid, more contemplative. We are prepared to stop ourselves in our action and contemplate, to feel inwards for the right action, the right words to say, the right thing to do or simply trust thatnothing NEEDS to be done.

When we experience a conscious awakening we are becoming more trusting. We realize that everything is connected and that, what we see around ourselves, greatly depends on our own mood. We realize that we have a choice of how to see things. And we realize there are no victims and no offenders.

We realize, we are all the same. We all want to experience love, we want to understand, we all want to live in peace. The only differences between us are the levels of awareness. That is all.

As we awaken, we become more understanding, more loving, more ready to cooperate. And we are less willing to be afraid, to discuss, to hate, to fight, to judge and to kill.

That is what conscious awakening is all about.

How to begin the Process of Awakening?

The process of Conscious Awakening always begins with a desire. Somewhere, at some time, you decide there must be a better way to live this life on Earth. You probably stop what you are doing, look up to Heaven and ask: Please, show me a better way.

Or, you may wish to look at the world with different eyes, after you realized the things of the world do no satisfy you anymore. You may desire to explore the subconscious or find God.

Whatever the reason for your desire, the universe, your Higher Self or God, pick your a name for the Superior Power, will find a way to fulfill your wish.

After reading numerous spiritual books, and screaming out loud: “I can no more! Your turn now! Show me a better way!” I was led to A Course in Miracles. A Course in Miracales, short ACIM, is probably the most important book and mind training course, in one, we have in the world today.

After completing the course in fourteen months, I looked for a tool which would help opening my mind, or better said, help me dipping into the vast subconscious and superconscious parts of my mind. This wish was also granted, and I found the Hemi-Sync technology of the Monroe Institute.

Hemi-Sync is a sound-technology which opens up the mind, like the chemical equivalents of LSD, Peyote or Mescalin. But with a great difference: Its effects do not overcome you abruptly and you can stop the exploration at any time, returning to normal wake consciousness when you wish so. Not everybody is ready for this mind opening tool, so everybody has different results, depending from which standpoint or belief system they begin the exploration.

Armed with the mental understanding of A Course in Miracles, I embarked on journey to the Inner Wisdom with Hemi Sync, and experienced first hand what I had learned intellectually for the fourteen months previously. I did find an incredible and fascinating Inner World and returned with a connection to my Inner Self, which I can count on at any time.

This website is product of this very journey, which has began, but has no end in sight. I hope it gives you enough courage to embark on your own inner journey, to discover who you are at your Core Self.

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