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Earliest Childhood Memory or OBE?

My earliest childhood memory goes back to when I was still a baby. I remember a few moments of me sitting in a pram aged about 10 months or so. The pram looked something similar to the black and white image I found online, but with a hood. 

The Scene I remember

The baby pram I remeber had light-blue and rose pastel coloured rattle balls on a stick or rubber string in front of me, tied to the left and right side of the pram. No photo of that pram exists, and there are alltogether only a handful of photographs of me at that age. 

My mother and my parent’s friends are sitting at the small open terrace in front of the house where I was born. They are sitting at a round table, it seems to be a table and stools made of tree trunks. 

The pram is turned away from them, as my mum feels that I would be better entertained looking towards the road. 

I am guessing my age to be somewhere around 10 months old by the certainties I can remember: I know that I could sit up right, but I cannot walk yet. And I know that if I hit the balls they would make a rattling noise. I also know that if I get bored and start crying, my mother would come and pick me up.

Early Childhood Memory or OBE?

Was I having an Out of Body Experience?

The strange thing though is that I can see the scene not only from within my body through my eyes, but also from above and from behind me. Remebering the whole scene, it feels as if I was floating back to my body returning from a journey some place else.

My mom is sitting with two men. One of them is my father’s best friend. It is the middle of the day. My father is not there. I don’t know who the second man is. Seems to be irrelevant. 

In the next moment I am aware of sitting in the pram, and looking over the road. Maybe I just woke up? I am totally calm, and see the familiar rattle balls and my feet. And also the familiar road, and the patio infront of the house. Suddenly I get uneasy for some reason and I start crying. And there my memory stops. 

The next memory I have when I am about 4 or 5, but they are also supported by photographs. I remember when was I about 4 years old, I found it strange that I could not remember certain photographs being taken of me. From that moment on I made a mental note to always  consciously remember the moments shortly before and after the future photographs were gonna be taken.

Was this really my first childhood memory?

I have not always had this early childhood memory. It started as a flashback with a lot of other glimpses of myself as a toddler, after participating in the Gateway Voyage of the Monroe Institute in 2010. For a long time I did not really believe that it was my memory. I felt it was something that I made up. 

Now in 2021, I decided to double-check this story with my mother. I asked her about the table, the colour of the pram, the rattle balls,  and why she put the pram facing away from her and her friends. She basically confirmed every single one of my assumptions, and also explained that I usually enjoyed observing the road. 

Infantile or Childhood Amnesia

But how is it possible that I can remember this? According to science childhood amnesia lasts until we are about 3,5 years old and language is necessary to be able to create a memory in our memory bank. 

A recent study shows that the dating of the childhood memories may have been wrong, due to the common assumption that early childhood memories are not possible. You can read the full research paper of 2020 by Carole Peterson here. 


With the confirmation of my mother, I realized that my mind expanding work with Hemi-Sync must have triggered these memories. The impressions in my memory bank were there of course, as I have experienced the scene. And to remember something of this life is probably less astonishing than a past-life memory or conversations with beings from other dimensions. These I experienced as well on my Monroe Institue programs. 

When feeling into the scene, it seems to me as if a memory bridge was created for me between my baby self in 1970 and my adult self in 2010. Can this at all be possible? 

Do let me know if you also are started to have flashbacks to early childhood memories. 

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