Unicorn Named Georgia – A magical bedtime story about Acceptance and Security

The beautiful bedtime story a Unicorn named Georgia tells a story of acceptance in the difficult period of a child’s life when they yearn for acceptance by their peers.

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Long ago and far away, in the land where magic and fairy tales begin, lived a very special unicorn named Georgia. As the only unicorn to be born with a golden horn, Georgia yearned to be like her friends, who often made fun of her, until one day her shiny golden horn saved the day.

The Unicorn Named Georgia contains two tracks:

Track 1 features Georgia’s magical bedtime story voiced by the author, Morgan MacKenzie-Perkins, along with Hemi-Sync sleep enhancement frequencies to gently guide your child into a deep and restful sleep.

Track 2 features the soothing sounds of ocean surf (pink noise) with Hemi-Sync sleep enhancement frequencies.

Mind Food

Length: 60 min.


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