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Free Binaural Beats With Hemi Sync

Try the FREE Binaural Beats online now. Put on some stereo headphones and find out for yourself how this binaural effect works.

3 Minutes Free Binaural Beats

This 3 minute trial is a Hemi Sync recording with the instructions of Robert Monroe, the man who rediscovered binaural beats in the 1970ies and began experimenting with them in his laboratory.

How it Works

When you hear one tone in one ear at the time you hear a steady tone. But when you hear to two tones of similar frequency – one in each ear – simultaneously you start perceiving a vibrato or wavering sound. This is a binaural beat, a third tone which the brain produces as an effect of brain wave entrainment.

Your brain becomes synchronized – your brain works in unison. The Binaural Beats are taking effect. You are ready to explore altered states of your consciousness fully conscious.

Want more Free Binaural Beats?

Ondas Cerebrales

Do you want more free binaural beats? Easy. Click on the image below and you will be forwarded to the Hemi-Sync page were you can download the whole track to your device. The guided meditation with Hemi-Sync binaural beats, which will get your mind and body into a deep relaxation. You can even download a whole exercise to your device and listen to it offline.

Free Binaural Beats with Hemi Sync

More about Binaural Beats

With binaural beats you can explore altered states of consciousness. You can either relax your mind and brain or you can make your mind ultra focused. It all depends on the combination or mix of the binaural tones.

Robert Monroe started experimenting with binaural tones in 1973. He and his team mixed different tones and combinations with sound effects and music and tried them out on numerous volunteers.

Two years later Monroe patented his the technology under the name of Hemi-Sync and taught people in courses how to get the most benefits out of this technology.

In 1979 he founded the Monroe Institute to provide an ever growing public with the best possible environment to facilitate the exploration of human consciousness. By now hundreds of thousands of people are using this technology to enhance their lives.

Special Warning

Special note: If you suffer from epilepsy though or tend to have seizures, it is not recommended to listen to binaural beats or Hemi-Sync without medical supervision.
Read the Hemi-Sync FAQs.

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