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Gateway Experience – Stress Management

The Gateway Experience Waves I – VII is the ultimate Stress Management Course to do at home, either alone or with others The very first thing you will learn with these relaxation tapes is how to enter into meditation easily and relax body and mind.

At the Comfort of Your Own Home

Listen to the powerful relaxation tapes at the comfort of your own home and when it best suits your daily routine. For many the Gateway Experience is a spectacular journey into the different layers of their consciousness and the most amazing stress management course using the mind expanding technology called Hemi-Sync.

You will be introduced to the Focus Levels 3, 10, 12, 15 and 21, which can be described as different levels of your waking and sleeping consciousness.

You can have a CD set sent to your home but the best value for money is the Digital Download. Compared to an onsite course it costs only a third of the price.

The Gateway to Your Full Potential

The Gateway Experience consists of seven Waves, each wave containing six Hemi-Sync exercises. The whole Set includes 36 exercises with verbal instruction by Robert Monroe himself. You will be guided successively into focus levels 10, 12, 15 and 21.

Detailed descriptions of each Wave or CD-set further below.

When seriously following this course you will expand your awareness, get rid of fears and steer your life into a new direction.

You will reap some of the following benefits, which in my experience was the most powerful stress management course:

  • Reduce Fears
  • Deep Relaxation
  • De-Stress & Detach from Limiting Thought-Forms
  • Increase Intuition
  • Problems Solving
  • Out of Body Experiences
  • Expansion of Subtle Perception
  • Synchronization of Your Brain
  • Deep Meditative States
  • Enhancing Your Creativity and Intuition

You can try for FREE the very first exercise called the Hemi-Sync introduction right now online. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. You can also order any of the seven Waves individually.

Description of The Gateway Experiences

Each set is focussed on a special theme, and builds on the lessons you have had in the previous set. Find the detailed descriptions below.

  • Wave I – Discovery CD of the Gateway Experience
    Here you are introduced to Focus Level 10, identified as the state of consciousness “mind awake / body asleep”. You learn to relax completely and to reach deep meditative states.
  • Wave II – Threshold CD of the Gateway Experience
    Focus 10 is the state of consciousness where healing takes place. Here you learn to activate your natural healing power, to solve problems and manifest your dreams. You will also be introduced slowly into Focus Level 12 of the Expanded Perception.
  • Wave III – Freedom CD of the Gateway Experience
    Other exercises in F10 and F12, where you will deepen your extra-sensory perceptions and learn to control it, such as Remote Viewing and Out of Body Experiences.
  • Wave IV – Adventure CD of Gateway Experience
    Explore new realms, new ideas, new places and new friends. This album gives you maximum room for a self discovery and and adventure into the inner realms.
  • Wave V – Exploring CD of Gateway Experience
    A trip to the Focus Level 15 – “No Time and Space”. Here you learn Connecting with your Intuition, Manifestation and Creation in F15.
  • Wave VI Odyssey CD of Gateway Experience
    Focus 21: Begin an odyssey of self-discovery and the realms of consciousness beyond the physical space-time reality that defy description. You will learn also about Robert Monroe’s Locales 1 and 2.
  • Wave VII – Voyager
    Journey to Focus 27 and contact individuals who have died physically but remain “static” — unable to detach completely from the earth energy systems.

My Gateway Experience

A totally life changing event! The Gateway Voyage at the Monroe Institute put all the theoretical and intellectual understanding into a practical, emotional and mind-expanding experience. Of course, I did not reach all the understanding in the six days I was at the course. It was more of a drastic and sudden opening up and cleansing process which started there but carries on into the present. Read more about my Gateway Experience.

I hope this information will provide you with a little insight into the Gateway Experience which is using this most powerful technology called Hemi Sync and therefore an absolutely amazing stress management course to do at home.

What Was Your Experience Like?

If you have already participated in the Gateway Voyage at the Monroe Institute, you can deepen your experience even further with this Gateway Experience set. Most of the exercises you did at the seminar are included but with a lot of additional bonus tracks.

What was your experience like? Did you participate onsite at the Monroe Institute or off site somewhere else in the world? Or did you do a Hemi-Sync course at home? Share your experience, I would love to know. Your story may well trigger a memory in another person by simply reading it.

“You have already done the stress management course and would like to share your experience?” This is the place to do it, just start writing in the comment box below.

Thank you so much for reading my post. It means a lot! I would love to know your thoughts! You can leave a comment if you like, just scroll down below. I will answer it as soon as I can. I have put together some articles which might interest you. Otherwise come and join me on Instagram. Yours, Judith

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8 thoughts on “Gateway Experience – Stress Management”

  1. So I have been trying to meditate for years but can never shut my mind off to experience anything profound or just a sense of peace without my constant mind chatter. I was introduced to you and your Gateway Experience through my daughter. I did Wave 1 part 1 yesterday and didn’t shut my mind off …so I tried it again today along with part 2 so with part 1 I could start to relax but with part 2….i made it to 10!!!! It was so relaxing. .my mind finally shut up!!! I have never been able to be hypnotized because of my mind not being able to be shut off..I will be doing part 2 again tomorrow as I read some people were having issues moving forward. Thank you for creating these. Today was definitely a surprise for me and we’ll worth my time!!

    • Hi Rebecca,
      I am so glad, that you could finally silence your mind. It was exactly the same for me! The focus level 10 often has this profound effect on many people. The next focus levels get you even deeper into the expanded realms of your consciousness. Focus level 12 I find is excellent for healing work. My favourite is focus level 15, as I feel total freedom to explore that non-physical reality. And in that focus level I can easily create anything.
      Just play around with it and have fun with it. And, have a journal or paper nearby to write down what you have experienced immediately after you return from your exercises. The writing down grounds your experience in this reality and helps you remember it.

      Thank you so much for letting me know. It all makes it worth while for me.

      Lucid Mind

  2. I was not sure if this would work for me as I have a substantial loss of hearing in my left ear. I used earbuds and tried it anyway.

    Within five minutes of starting to listen to the free demo, I began to perceive hearing this in stereo…. for the first time in eight years. The ear was not working any better, but my brain was sure doing something!

    I found this incredibly relaxing.

    I found a free half hour of “Spindrift 3” online and I like this even better. Amazing.

    Sadly, I cannot afford the set, but will keep listening to what I can find online and get what I can out of it.

    • Hi Susan, I am so glad that you had this amazing effect with the Hemi-Sync. I am in the process of putting a member-ship package together, where we will mett online twice a month, and where there will be 4 Meditation Exercises available every month to listen to as many times as they like.
      I will let you know as soon as it is available.
      so glad you took the time to let me know.
      Speak soon,

  3. This was the first time on your site and my first attempt at trying one of your meditations.

    • Hi William,

      I am very glad you have found you way to my site, and have tried the meditations.


  4. I felt a floating detached sense of consciousness. I saw strange things and jumped into different scenarios. I tried to let go and focus on my 3rd eye by touching that area and let go of all the scenarios. I was awake but dreaming. I did this because it seemed like a lot of business. At a younger age, I did a candling exercise to release thoughts and find stillness of thought. I experienced things differently around me when I did this exercise over time. I am hoping to discover the same with this.

    • Hi again William,
      Thank you for sharing your experiences with us here. It is wonderful you perceived so many different things around you.
      When we are in an altered state of consciousness for the very first time, some of us get a lot of input.

      I recommend to prepare paper or a journal and pen at the side of your bed before you start the exercises.
      When you come out of the exercise take a few minutes to write down what you can remember.

      Also very important to state your intention before you start. You can begin with the Gateway Affirmation. Try to memorize it, and once you are familiar with it, you can create your own affirmations, stating your very own affirmations.

      Be patient with yourself and allow things to unfold. And remember to enjoy!

      Looking forward how you are getting on.

      Best regards,



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