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Powerful Goal Setting – Change Your Life Day 3

Learn to set goals effectively with DAY 3 of our FREE online course on how to change your life. Passionate goals will leap you forward towards the manifestation of your dreams and desires. 

A Goal needs a Deadline

Anything you want to achieve in life you first need to desire and imagine before you can manifest it. A goal gives your dreams and desires a deadline.

Your mind needs a blueprint to set things into motion on the conscious, subconscious and super-conscious level. Once you give your mind a desired outcome the creative process begins.

People who have reached their desired targets, success, social status, happiness and enlightenment always say their journey began with a desire to be where they are today.

Goal Setting Tips

Your goal can be a material, mental or spiritual one. You can dream about owning a big house or car, have a happy relationship, reach a certain social status or become enlightened with love, peace and joy.

It does not matter. What does matter is that you have a target in your mind.

Set goals you can feel passionate about. Your passion is power.

Now consider for a few minutes which goals you have reached and which you have not. Some came easy, some you reached with a lot of effort and some you never reached at all. Why was that so?

You will probably come to the conclusion that the ones you eventually gave up on did not really matter enough, they did not stir the passion within you.

The ones which were hard to reach you simply could not give up on because you simply could not live without.

And the ones which came easy had to happen not matter how much you tried to sabotage them. It felt as if everyone and everything around collaborated for you to reach that goal, no matter what.

Powerful Goal Setting

As much as it is important to set goals and follow through it is also important to go for what really matters to you.

Let’s start with the DON’Ts of the goal setting tips, the things you should not do:

The DON’Ts

  • Don’t fight against your instincts, likes and preferences.
    There is no point in setting a goal about your body if the goal stands in total opposition to what you actually truly like doing.i.e.: If a slim body matters less to you than eating two slices of your favorite cake every day, you will not succeed with your weight loss target long-term.
    Maybe you can feel passionate about a good physical condition instead. Then, set yourself a fit body as a target, but don’t waste your time with wanting to be super slim.
    Or don’t decide to be vegetarian if you really like to eat a steak.

  • Don’t set goals to please others. There is also no point in setting yourself goals which will please other people (i.e. your parents, children, partner, boss) if they mean absolutely nothing to you. You are setting yourself up for failure.

  • Dont set two opposing goals. You cannot set goals which diametrically oppose each other. i.e: you can’t desire to have a happy life as a single and desire to be a good family father at the same time. Here you are heading for disaster.

  • Don’t set people as targets. Don’t set goals which have other people’s emotion as your target. i.e.: I want so-and-so to fall in love with me. I want him to love me as his best friend. I want my boss to like me. You are setting yourself up for disappointment.You can of course desire to be with a certain partner and be lucky enough that your wish comes true. But here other factors have played in which have nothing to do with pure goal setting.

  • Don’t wish bad things on other people. It is useless and unethical. Goal setting has to be kept positive to actually work.

  • Don’t set goals for other people unless they are willing to cooperate with you. You cannot force other people to desire the same as you.

  • Don’t wonder why people are acting the way they do. Don’t go about wondering how somebody can be so silly, dumb, nasty or similar. If you were them you would do it different, you believe.
    Be careful! Life will put you in a very similar situation soon for you to understand why these people acted in such and such a way, and you may learn that your actions in  a similar situation may be even worse.

It often seems to me that our entire lives, all situtations and events we find ourselves in, are small lessons for us to learn not to judge others.

The DOs

  • Set targets which really matter to you, goals which you can feel passionate about.

  • Set yourself small goals, targets you can reach within the foreseeable future, within a day, week or month.
    You need those small goals, to get a sense of achievement. And to see that your goal setting gets you proper results.Let’s use weight loss and a slim body as an example again. If you can’t stay away from the cakes for weeks or months, maybe you can stay away from them 3 days a week. Decide to go for walks three times a week for an hour and give yourself a start date.If you are unhappy with your career, set yourself a goal of going to at least 4 job interviews in the next four weeks and begin investigating on the job market.

  • Set yourself one big long-term goal. One that could never be obscured by the little obstacles which may stand in your way. An end result that really matters to you.
    This is a goal which you cannot reach over night. Allow yourself to dream about it, to imagine what it will be like when you have reached your goal.So, instead of going for a slim body, what about deciding to run a half marathon in one year’s time.In the case of a new career, decide what it will be and when you can see yourself in the future doing it. It is never too late to start studying for a new career.

  • If you have difficulties on deciding on a long term goal ask yourself this:
    If money and time would not be an issue, what would you like to achieve in your life? How would you like to spend your day?

  • What would you like to do for the world? Go with that feeling for a while. Think about this for a few days. Really allow yourself to dream. If you would live 200 years and you could do anything you wanted because money is not a question, what would that be?

  • Desire to experience: “I wonder what it would feel like to…” – This is one of the most powerful thoughts which sets things into motion.
    In my experience, when I wonder how it would feel to be or do a certain thing, it somehow always comes into existence, as if by magic! Sometimes the very next day, other times years or decades later.This has become so powerful, that I often have to stop myself from wondering what other people are going through.It has happened to me in the past that I began spinning that thought in my mind, then forgotten about it. A few days later I would find myself in a situation going through a very similiar situation learning what it feels like.

Your Thoughts Are Powerful

Your thoughts are extremely powerful. Be cautious about what you want in your life and what you spend your times wondering about. If you ponder upon things you don’t want, stop there. You don’t want to set undesirable outcomes into motion.

Just think that everything you can see around you has been in someone’s imagination to begin with. With the help and cooperation of many, many different people all these different objects came into existence.

In fact all abstract concepts, as are every political system, rules, regulations, morals and ethics, our understanding of democracy, capitalism, sense of freedom, religious and spiritual organisations, sports, competition, marketing, education  – actually every aspect of our human lives, good and bad, began as a thought in someone’s mind.

Powerful Goal Setting

Instructions For Today

Set goals you can feel passionate about. Your passion is power.

Read the lesson above and the whole text about goal setting tips in the morning. Then take an hour or so and consider what really matters to you in your life.

Consider what do you really feel passionate about.

Then write down on a blank piece of paper following goals:

  1. One you want to achieve short term within the next week
  2. One you want to achieve within a month
  3. One you want to achieve within a year or two
  4. One you want to achieve in 10 years.

In the evening read the whole lesson and text one more time. If you don’t feel ready to move on to the next lesson tomorrow, stay with this one. Repeat today’s process tomorrow and see if the four goals still feel good. Move on when you feel ready.

Zig Ziglar is simply something else! 

Before you go, watch this video by Zig Ziglar on goal setting. Funny and motivating this video will help you get into the right frame of mind.

Below you have a chance to share your views with me and other visitors to this page. Use the comment form also for any questions or support you need about these goal setting tips.

Here you can return to DAY 2. When you are ready you can move on the DAY 4 of the How to Change Your Life in 7 Days Course.

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