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Healthy Mind Lifehacks – Interview with Pete Jones

Pete Jones from GoodintheHead PODCAST on YouTube interviewed me on my Healthy Mind Lifehacks I personally use and can recommend to others to lead a happy, successful and mindful life. Basically how to become a Lucid Mind and lead a lucid life.

The Main Topics

You can see a full summary with the corresponding links below. But our main topics were these:

  • A Course in Miracles
  • The Challenge of Remembering our Dreams
  • Out of Body Experiences
  • The Monroe Institute
  • Binaural Beats
  • and more…

The Youtube Interview

What more did we talk about?

  • Near death experiences
  • How does Hemi-Sync work
  • Spirit is perfect
  • It is the Mind which needs to be trained
  • How can one train the mind?
  • Lifehacks to a healthy mind
  • What to do when one has negative thoughts
  • How to start the day

About Pete from GoodintheHead

Pete from Good in hte Head

We talked over an hour and had a good time. Pete is very well spoken, thinks his thoughts through, listens intently and asks really good questions, which make the interviewee, in this case it was me, really consider how to answer his questions in the best way.

I have watched several of his podcasts and I really like them. I still have got a few left to watch. But luckily Pete keeps them coming, and publishes at least one new interview per week. Check out the GoodintheHead Youtube Podcast here.


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