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Gratitude Improves Your Attitude – How To Change Your Life Day 5

Gratitude greatly improves every aspect of your life. Lesson 5 of our FREE Online Courses teaches you how to activate this gratefulness within you, and improve your performance in business, partnership and well-being.

Allow Gratitude to Guide You

Let gratitude become a part of your daily experience. As you learn how to do this, you will progressively find more and more things, people or events to be grateful for.

Once I asked a successful colleague of mine what it was that drove him day by day. He thought for a moment and said to my surprise: “Well, you know it is gratitude. I am simply grateful for everything. This life, the opportunities I had, the people I meet – everything which helped me arrive here where I am today.”

Not quite sure what I had expected, I was humbled by these wise words. They made me observe my personal investment into Gratitude.

A couple of years later that colleague advanced to became a successful company owner with more than 60 employees. Amazing what gratitude can do!

Start each day with a prayer. Thank God daily for everything you have. Gratitude improves your attitude.

Day Five – Gratitude is an Attitude

Today we will practice first and talk later. Gratitude is an experience. Nobody can explain it to you unless you have actually felt it one time or another.

  • I would like you to recall into your presence FIVE events, people, situations, really anything that you feel grateful for.
  • Take a few moments.
  • If you like use the comment form at the bottom of this page to type in the first five things which came into your mind. Yes, now.
  • If you prefer to type it into a text document on your computer or to write it by hand on a peace a paper, that is also OK.

Gratitude is an Attitude

What Are You Grateful For ?

Into the box below write five things, people or events you feel grateful for and explain why you feel grateful for each one of the five things.

If you like you can share the list with other visitors by submitting your text. I would love you to, and other visitors would surely thank you, too. But it is your choice.

Gratitude is the Purpose!

The purpose of this exercise is not just to merely talk of what gratitude can do for you. What I am after is for you to FEEL your gratitude right now. Truly experience it and engrave into your memory, into your conscious awareness.

Can you feel gratitude right now? Have you done the exercise above? If not, please do it now.

Ok, now that you feel grateful, observe how much warmth you feel within you. Let’s stay with that for a few moments.

Now, let’s think about the very last unpleasant situation you experienced today or this week or month. (Lucky you, if you need to think even further back to find something unpleasant. ūüôā ) By that I mean anger, hate, disappointment, envy, jealousy, dissatisfaction, etc.

The next thing I would like you to do is to compare the feeling of gratitude and the feeling of unpleasantness. Which one is greater within you.

As long as the bad feeling is greater you will not feel happy! That is why it is essential you tune into gratitude as often as you can during the day. The healthiest of all human emotions is gratitude.

The purpose of this exercise is for you to train yourself, or better said, train your mind to focus on the feeling of gratitude instead of any unpleasant feeling.

How to do this? By tuning into an attitude of gratitude.

Tuning into Gratitude

Start each day with a prayer. Thank God daily for everything you have. Gratitude improves your attitude.

Step 1 – Remember the positive

Tune into gratitude by remembering every morning one or many situations in your life that you feel grateful for. The more you practice the more familiar you will become with the experience of gratitude.

Eventually this feeling of gratitude will become a natural part of your daily experience and you will steadily find more and more things, people or events to be grateful for.

Step 2 – Write down the negative

Think of something you believe you dislike but cannot remove from your present reality. That can be anything or anybody: a close family member, your job, your present home, the environment, the season, the month of the year, a colleague.

Write down 10 or more things down on a piece of paper that you dislike or even hate.

Example: “I hate my job!” or “I hate the pressure of my business!”

Step 3 – Focus on the positive

The step three is focus on the negative into a positive. Write down as many things as you can that you actually LIKE about your hated object. Then, every morning pick one of the things on the list. Stand in front of the mirror and say with all the conviction you can muster, looking into your own eyes: I love _______ because it _________.

Example: “I love my job because it pays my wages”

Do one or two things every day, and turn each positive into LOVE and eventually you will feel grateful for that issue in your life. Within a month you will be surprised how things will have changed!
Zig Ziglar says you will actually sleep better the very same night after you have done this. I can vouch for that. Zig Ziglar explains in this video how this process works.

I hope you enjoyed the video as much as I did. But you get the idea. Gratitude is an attitude, it is a choice you make.

You are choosing every moment of the day what your mind should be occupied with. And according to that choice you will feel either good or bad.

If you are ready move tomorrow to Day 6 РMoney is important, but not everything of the free online course on how to change your life.

Thank you so much for reading my post. It means a lot! I would love to know your thoughts! You can leave a comment if you like, just scroll down below. I will answer it as soon as I can. I have put together some articles which might interest you. Otherwise come and join me on Instagram. Yours, Judith

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