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DRAFT: The Greatest Love of All

The greatest Love of all is mother love. Or let me extend this to parental love. When we fall in love with our children we come closest to experiencing love in its purest form.

This photo below is with my fourth child when he was about one month old.

Seeing it, triggered my memory of how pure and strong the love for him was at this time. I could never imagine that I could get angry with him and that I would have to discipline him – ever.

I experienced that same feeling with each of my four children when they were tiny. While contemplating what to write about the greatest love of all this poem came to me:

Mother's Love


I Love You, My Child

I Love You.
I will protect you
And cherish you.
I will clean your wounds,
Cure them, and
Teach you to wait patiently
Because wounds
Only need time to heal.

I Love You, and
I will never reject you
Even when I am angry,
When I need to discipline you, and
When I believe that I know what is right
I will be there with you
Ready to receive you
With open arms

I Love You, and
I will show you
What is right and
What is wrong, until
You can decide for yourself.
With time,
You will learn, that
I am not always right nor always good.

When you become old enough
To question my authority
Question my motives,
My decisions
My values,
I will be grateful
That I could witness
Your maturing into
Such a Beautiful
Stable and
Human Being As You Are.
I love You and Thank You for Needing me.

By Judith Schjørring

As my children got older and naughtier, testing their borders all the time, I did get angry. And I did have to discipline them. I made many, many mistakes in their upbringing.

As time went on, I got older and wiser, more understanding of their actions. I learned that, as long as I had love in my mind and heart, I would take the right decision. I learned to stop my ranting and tirades in the middle of a heated discussion and ask myself if that was what I wanted? Anger, hate, dislike and tears?

No. I would stop and search for a memory of love and choose to find a way to peace, choose understanding instead of accusing.

When I could forgive them there and then – they forgave me there and then – and we would find a way to move on. The next chapter would come, the next experience to be had.

Our children are great teachers, and mine to me are the most important ones in my life. I learned to apply the stopping and searching for love in any situation and in the presence of any person. Would I have learned that without them?

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If you would like to know more of how this process of stopping and searching for love works read Inducing Consciuosness When Meeting Others.


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