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DRAFT: Choose Your Guided Meditation CD with Hemi-Sync

Find which Guided Meditation CD is the right one for you from the large list below. Then click on it and download it instantly to your device, and you are ready to go.

To get an idea what Meditation music with Hemi-Sync sounds like listen here online to Metamusic Samples.

Or try a few minutes of Hemi-Sync with Binaural Beats. Then just click the back button to continue with the guided meditation CD information.

There is a big selection of single CDs and CD Series which can be applied to a wide range of desired effects, just as meditation itself can be beneficial to you in many different ways.

There are many Guided Meditation CDs with Hemi-Sync. To help you find your way around easily, I divided them in different categories.

You can always return to the Hemi Sync Download page to get a better overview. I have picked here a few which I know and use in my courses.

Single CDs

MF011Moment Of Revelation Digital Download – $11.97Move beyond space, time and daily concerns as you ascend the spiral staircase to a wondrous place of peace and serenity. Deeply relaxing Hemi-Sync sound patterns and a guided visualization assist you on this delightful inner journey. Let go – release your expectations. The illumination of a peak experience – your moment of revelation – awaits you with this Hemi-Sync classic. (Mind Food – Verbal) 32 min.


ST006Deep 10 Relaxation CD – $15.96Abandon your cares as verbal guidance and Hemi-Sync transport you to a blissful state of total relaxation followed by natural, restful sleep. Deep 10 Relaxation is a highly effective, time-proven means to counteract the negative effects of stress in your life. Anxiety and daily concerns seem to float away as you move into progressively deeper states of mental and physical calm. Track 1 contains verbal guidance; Track 2 continues your sleep cycle without words. Be kind to yourself. Use the popular Deep 10 Relaxation to rejuvenate both mind and body and leave your cares behind. (Mind Food – Track/Side 1 – Verbal; Track/Side 2 – Non-verbal – 64 min.)


MF002Energy Walk CD – $15.96Obtain greater vitality and personal strength with a verbally guided inner journey to natural sources of energy. Use Energy Walk to achieve greater balance and harmony and support the perfect functioning of mind and body. Hemi-Sync sound patterns facilitate deepening states of relaxation throughout your journey, until you drift gently into a restful sleep. (Mind Food – verbally guided – 45 min.)


MF022The Visit CD – $15.96Wonderfully relaxing Hemi-Sync sound patterns support the richly detailed verbal guidance of The Visit to transport you beyond time, into the presence of those who love and understand you. You may also enjoy using this long-time Hemi-Sync favorite to access knowledge not available in your waking state. The Visit will leave you totally refreshed and recharged.
(Mind Food – Verbal) 44 min.


MF048Wisdom In Essence CD – $15.96Tune in to your inner wisdom, your true essence, with a verbally guided Hemi-Sync® exercise voiced by futurist Peter Russell. Russell has been promoting the need for a spiritual rebirth if we are to survive the hurricane of change that lies ahead. Open to your innermost being and guidance to effectively and creatively deal with change as you experience Wisdom In Essence.
(Mind Food-Verbal) 25 min.


Guided Meditation CD Series

The crown of all the verbally instructed series is the Gateway Experience. It is for you if you are really determined to find a path to your Inner Self, explore it and change the way you look at life and the world.

CW001The Creative Way with Hemi-Sync CD Album – $59.85Reawaken your talents and creative abilities as you gain self awareness and expand yor mind to live a more enriched, expanded and productive life. The Creative Way with Hemi-Sync uses guided meditations, affirmations, creative visualizations, and other tools to help you identify and overcome/transform blocks, stay open to new possibilities and ideas, and connect with your inner creative self and other sources of inspiration.


IS001CInner States Dawning of Awareness CD – $59.85With these Hemi-Sync® exercises you will explore methods to activate the power within yourself, achieve inner peace, remain centered and calm in times of uncertainty, and transcend limiting thought patterns. You will also learn to tap into an expanded source of knowledge and guidance for your life, find tools for initiating personal changes and transformational growth, become more aligned with your life’s purpose, develop your intuition, bring more light into your body, and embrace a trusting, loving approach to living. Co-developed with Patty Ray Avalon. Six verbally guided exercises on four CDs include: Awakening Through Stillness,; Equilibrium, The Limitless Self, Life Path Journey,Accessing Higher Guidance, and Luminosity.


HL003Opening The Heart CD Package – $39.96Love yourself and others, enrich your life and advance your spiritual growth. These soul-fulfilling exercises enhance relationships and release blocks that limit ability to love. Based on Heartline, a Monroe Institute residential program, this inspired experiential course helps enable you to deepen your emotional connections and open yourself to love. Exercise titles are: Centered Calm, Remembering Love, Love’s Power to Heal, andOpening to Love. Guidance Manual included.


Any guided meditation CD you choose can be sent to you by mail and which will arrive at your doorstep within a week or two. If you can’t wait, download it digitally straight away and have your guided meditation ready for use in half an hour. Downloading is also the cheaper option.

If you have any question send me an email at Contact Me.


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Disclaimer by Monroe Products

While many of the Hemi-Sync® products contribute to wellness, they are not intended to replace medical diagnosis and treatment.

DO NOT listen to Hemi-Sync® while driving or operating heavy equipment, or with other devices that may influence brain-wave activity.

If you have a tendency towards seizures, auditory disorders, or adverse mental conditions(s), DO NOT listen to Hemi-Sync® without first consulting your physician.

In the unlikely event that you experience any unusual physical or mental discomfort, immediately discontinue use.

DO NOT reproduce Hemi-Sync® products or use with Dolby® or other noise-reduction systems. Doing so will diminish the effectiveness of the Hemi-Sync® signals.

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