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At the Hemi Sync Download Store you can listen to samples of all the different Original Titles. Choose which titles you like and download instantly from the Monroe Products Store for the cheapest price.

The Three Types or Genres of Hemi-Sync©

Metamusic© contain many different music styles, as for example modern, shamanic or classical music, mixed in with specific Hemi Sync signals, but no verbal guidance. The signals either focus your brain or help you relax, even help you sleep.

Human Plus© are recordings with Hemi-Sync signals and verbal guidance, mostly without music. They are specifically designed to learn certain cues while in deep relaxation, which can allow you to recreate the effect whenever you choose.

Mind Food© recordings contain verbal guidance and/or subtle sound effects, providing you with the desired benefit while you are listening.

Quick-Links to Meditation CDs by Category:

There are so many different applications Hemi Sync can be used for. For a better overview they are narrowed down into categories.  Some Hemi Sync titles you will find in more than one category and that is because many of the recordings have a wide versatility.


The Hemi Sync Must Have’s:

Products in Different Languages:

These Quicklinks will take you directly to the Hemi Sync Online Store in that specific language which will open in a new window. This Lucid Mind Center page will remain open so you can find your way back easily.

Hemi Sync Downloads by Genre:

When filtering by genre many different titles will be shown. Below an example of the genre Human Plus. When you hover over any of the titles, a PLAY SAMPLE button will open, allowing you to listen to the first few minutes of the album.


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