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Hemi Sync Benefits

All reported Hemi Sync Benefits are listed here: From heightened Self-Esteem or improved Self-Confidence over eliminating Sleep problems or reducing Anxiety to improving lucid dreaming and supporting out of body experiences. The Hemi-Sync benefits are numerous. Depending on what frequencies you listen to, different benefits you can achieve.

Reported Hemi Sync Benefits

People who have been participating in workshops offered by the Monroe Institute and others who have been listening to Hemi-Sync at home have experienced many of the below listed benefits. Under the right circumstances this Binaural Beats technology can enhance mental, physical or emotional states.

The benefits are divided into four themes: Emotional Processes, Sleep & Dream states, Dissociate & Transcendental Experiences and Productive & Mental Functions.

Benefits of Emotional Processes

  • Heightened self-esteem
  • Improves self confidence
  • Decreases hyperactivity
  • Overcoming shyness
  • Develop spontaneity
  • Achieve serenity
  • Uncover hidden memories
  • Improves social encounters
  • Opens up to feelings
  • Eliminate self sabotaging
  • Diminishes irritability

Benefits of Sleep and Dream States

  • Eliminates or decreases sleeping problems
  • Reduces the necessity for sleeping tablets
  • Facilitates lucid dreaming
  • Increases dream memory

Dissociate and Transcendental Experiences

  • Deepens meditation
  • Facilitates perception
  • Accesses intuition
  • Explore the non-physical realms
  • Explore focussed stated of consciousness
  • Support the Out-Of-Body state

Productivity and Mental Functions

  • Reduce Anxiety before exams
  • Eliminate mind wandering
  • Increase capacity for learning languages
  • Increase productivity
  • Help Attention Deficit
  • Increase learning capacity
  • Improve mood in class rooms
  • Recover lost skills
  • Solving difficult tasks

It all depends on which type of Hemi-Sync recordings you listen to and what problems you want to resolve or which effects you want achieve. There are three types of recordings called Metamusic, Human Plus andMind Food.

Hemi Sync is a combination of verbal guidance, music and pink sound, usually mixed with other audio effects. Its most important ingredient are the binaural beats, though. The particular elements for each recording are carefully selected and integrated with the appropriate binaural beat frequencies to enhance the desired effect.

My Hemi-Sync benefits

The first most obvious effect it had on me is that it diminished my fear of flying. Before I participated in my first residential course of the Monroe Institute, the Gateway Voyage, in 2010, I always had to take pills to be able to step on a plane. Soon I will add a full article about overcoming fear of flying. Altogether I can say that my fear of dying has diminished, too.

Nowadays I have a greater capacity for learning. I can retain information much, much better than I could before, probably because I can concentrate better.

And the most important Hemi Sync benefit for me is that I have learned to listen to my heart, instead of only following logic and rational thoughts. I have a capacity to detach from situations which I have never had before.

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