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Ancient Ho’oponopono Ritual For Forgiveness

An Ancient Ho’oponopono ritual for forgiveness was necessary when someone in the family had fallen ill, the ancient Hawaiians believed. The resentment and unwillingness to forgive would have caused the illness.

The Hawaiians believed that resentment and unwillingness to forgive made a person ill. The one who became ill was not necessarily the one with the most hatred or unforgiving thoughts.

When a child fell physically ill the family took this as a sign that someone in the family was carrying anger or hate within. A Ho oponopono ritual was necessary.

Ho’oponopono – To make Right Right

Ho’oponopono means literally “To make right right” (Ho’o = to make, pono=right) or as Dr. Matt James puts it “To make double right”. And that is what forgiveness does. He further says that when the first Westeners came to ancient Hawaii, there was hardly anyone to be found who was mentally or physically ill. He believed that was mostly down to their practice of forgiveness.

You can try the modernized method yourself and find how thoroughly liberating forgiveness can be in your life.

forgivness is not for others

A Kahuna, a healing priest, performed the reconciliation and healing ritual of Ho oponopono while preferably all family members were present.

The Kahuna would try to discover where the resentment within the family unit was hidden. If there was a problem with a member of another family group, both families would be asked to gather and the ritual would be initiated.

The Ancient Ho’oponopono Ritual

When everyone had gathered, the person with the resentment would begin. He would be guided by the Kahuna to calmly explain why he felt resentment and towards who. Next he would be asked to forgive. He would say something like this:

“If I, any of my family members or ancestors have done any harm to you, any of your family members or ancestors, please forgive me and forgive us. In the name of my family and ancestors and in my name I forgive you. And we forgive all of your family and your ancestors.”

Each person present would reply: “We forgive you. Please forgive us.”

Then the second person, who the resentment was aimed at, would be the next to perform the forgiveness ritual. This would be be repeated until every person had a chance to perform their ritual.

The goal was that everyone present left the gathering with a lighter heart and unburdened consciousness and from then on would be able to live a happier life.

That is where the power of this healing ritual really lies. Where it fits with A Course in Miracles. Forgiveness is the most powerful tool to open the portal to true happiness. Many of us misunderstand though what forgiveness actually is, but that is ok. First of all we have to be willing to forgive, no matter what it may mean for us.

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The ancient Hawaiians have recognized the connection between unforgiving thoughts and illness, and forgiveness and healing.

That powerful ritual was passed on from the older generations to the younger ones, verbally. When the missionaries arrived at the islands and gained in power they found the ritual to be a threat to the Christian faith, and it was forbidden.

But it remained alive in the underground within the families. Through Joe Vitale and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len that powerful healing ritual made its way and became very popular to the western world again. And its wisdom has finally arrived for us to make use of it, too. Here you can learn how to use it.

This article by Kalikiano Kalei called Hawaii Through the Looking Glass: Ancient Manners & Customs gives quite a good insight into the Ancient Hawaiians’ way of thinking.

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