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How the Hooponopono Meditation helped me

The Hooponopono Meditation or Mantra helped me resolve numerous unpleasant situations with family, friends, at work and even helped make some wishes come true. 

If I can Do It – So Can You

The great thing about Hooponopono is that you do not need to have any kind of confrontation with the particular person you want to make peace with. It also helped me change the way I look at things. I am sure it can help you, too.

You are working alone with and on yourself, while projecting positive thoughts towards another person. With time, you will notice that something is changing. And you will also notice that we are somehow all connected to each other.

Hooponopono Meditation

Ho'oponopono MethodFind out how to apply the Four Mantras succesfully to your life in two simple steps: In Phase I you learn how to apply the famous four phrases or mantras to an unpleasant real life situation.


In Phase II you go one step further and learn how to effectively undo old resentment and change your outlook on life and the understanding of people.

Hooponopono worked wonders on me. Ok, I admit I work primarily with A Course in Miracles, but this ancient Hawaiian custom, refined by Dr. Ihaleakala is very simple and easy to apply. Especially suitable for people who like mantras.

Ho’oponopono Seminar

I have even attended a seminar in Check Republic in 2011, held by Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len himself – the man who introduced the four mantras and shared it with the world! Bless him.

Several years before the seminar I had red about this ancient Hawaiian reconciliation technique on the web. The intriguiging story, published as blog by Joe Vitale, was telling how Dr. Hew Len had healed almost an entire psychiatric ward, by simply applying this ancient technique.

Zero LimitsWhen I stayed in August 2011 at my sister in law’s I saw this book on the bedside table: Zero Limits: Ho’oponopono for Wealth, Health, Peace, and More

Next my sister in law announced that she was going to attend the seminar in September. I was so intrigued, I began reading the book.

At the same time a family issue came up involving three close family member on my side of the family, who were living in a different country.

Private Issue Came Up

I was supposed to make a phone call to one of the members of my family within the next few days to improve the situation between the three. I was really dreading that phone call.

In the evening I started with the Hooponopono Meditation as described in the book. I applied the four mantras to each member several times for the rest of the evening until I eventually fell asleep.

The very next day I recieved a phone call with a surprising result! The issue was resolved with a totally unexpected twist and without me getting involved in any unpleasant way – I had just said the mantras in my mind for the three family members involved. Wow.

Since the seminar I apply the simple technique all the time in many different situations.

When I came back to work, I applied Hooponopono to any person whom I had a problem with. And later I began to apply it to tasks I had to do, to rooms I was to spend times in, like my office, meeting or waiting rooms, and sometimes even to whole buildings as Dr. Ihaleakala had suggested.

A few month later I was dismissed from that company amicably with a nice pay off allowing me to work from home!

Sometimes, when I have a problem with one of my children, they may be throwing a tantrum or be unreasonable, I stop and say the four mantras in my mind. While I relax I notice that the situation changes. It defuses just after I thinking the mantras.

Nowadays I believe this technique to be more powerful and straight forward then some of the methods I had tried before. One of the first very effective mind training and letting go methods I experimented with is the Sedona Method.

But Hooponopono is more than just letting go. It is about forgiveness. As much as forgiveness is usally the most challenging it also the fastest way to inner peace and freedom.

What about you? Have you had some amazing stuff happening to you with this ancient Hawaiian reconciliation technique? I would love to know. Share it here with us. Or even if you have a question – just ask away.

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