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Ho’oponopono Method

The Ho’oponopono method is simple, effective and easy to learn. This Hawaiian method will help you undo successfully unpleasant feelings of resentment, hatred, anger or even inadequacy.    

Ho’oponopono Will Change Your Life

The Hooponopono method will change the way you look at people and circumstances in your life, if you allow yourself to apply it to your real life situations for just 30 days. Follow the instructions below and you are on your way to a happier Self.

The famous four phrases you can apply as a mantra easily to any aspects of your life. And the fifth phrase is the new addition which will speed up the process of undoing or atonement.

The Four Phrases

The four phrases of Hooponopono you can apply as a mantra easily to any aspects of your life.

  • I love you
  • Thank you
  • I’m sorry
  • Please, forgive me

To learn it, choose a particular person who irritates or hurts you, and has been irritating or hurting you for while.

Ho’oponopono Method – Phase I

Think of one person, whom you don’t like. Someone who makes you feel bad or who evokes feelings of pain within you. Just pick one person to start with. It may be a working colleague, a family member, a former friend or anybody else who crosses your mind at this moment.

Anybody is the right candidate.

You most likely already have someone in mind. That is the right one. Let us assume it is a working colleague. Think about that person and imagine yourself saying these 4 phrases to her in your mind. And repeat it a few times until there is no more resistence within you: 

  • I love you
  • I am sorry
  • Please forgive me
  • Thank you
Hooponopono Meditation Mantra helped me

If you have difficulties remembering the phrases, write them down on several post-its and stick them on to your laptop, computer screen, bathroom mirror, dashboard or anywhere else where your eyes will fall on during the day.

Let’s Begin applying Ho’oponopono

Say the name of the person before you say each of the phrases in your mind. Begin with the phrase which is easiest for you and leave the most difficult to the end. 


Let’s say it is John who appears to make your life a living hell. Say this:

  • John, I’m sorry
  • John, please forgive me
  • John, thank you
  • John, I love you

It does not matter, if you cannot actually believe what you are saying or if there is a lot of resistance. Just allow yourself to say the words anyway.

When you are alone say the phrases aloud. For example say the phrases aloud while looking into the mirror in the morning. Or say them aloud while driving, when you are just about to meet that most annoying working colleague for example. Before you are to meet her or him, or even during the meeting, say the four phrases in your mind.

Do that for a week and notice if there are any differences. Notice how it feels to say the phrases the first day. How is it mid week? What happens at the end of the week? Write it all down.

Ho’oponopono Extended – Phase II

When you notice that there is less resistance, maybe after a couple of days or maybe at the end of that first week, you are ready for the next step. Think about following:

  • What could you be sorry about involving John, the person in our example?
  • What could you ask him to forgive you for?
  • What could you thank him for?
  • Why could you love him?

Your answers could go something like this – these are just examples:

  • John, I am sorry for hating you so much.
  • John, please forgive me for hating you.
  • John, thank you for being in my life and making me aware of how much hate I carry around with me. And for making me aware that I do not want to carry it around with me anymore.
  • John, I love you (It is not necessary to add anything here, unless something comes to you spontaneously), because you are human being and for sure have some tender sides, too.
Like the sun

Noticing the Difference

Slowly you will notice a difference. Your personal experience within you and your way of looking at the person you are applying these mantras to will bring about a noticable change. Be attentive for change: 

  • Did the person begin talking differently to you?
  • Did your resentment diminish?
  • Are you suddenly understanding the person and their motives?
  • Did the person somehow as if by magic disappear out of your life?

Sometimes the change may occur within a day or two. Don’t stop. Work with that first issue – in our case it is John – for a whole week. It is the first time after all. Allow yourself to experiment with Hooponopono and learn the technique well.

Once you have become familiar with Hooponopono you may apply as long or short a period time as you choose. Play around with it. You can apply this method to any person, issue, thing or problem. You will gain experience and know what is right and what works well for you. 

Ho’oponopono – 5th phrase: Forgiveness

After you have been doing the two phases above and feel confortable with it, I  recommend you add the 5th phrase to your Ho’oponopono Mantra: 

Ho'oponopono Method

I forgive you

Say that out loud a few times and observe how that feels.

  • Let’s take our example pal John:  What could you forgive him for?

Find a couple of things about John which exasperated you in the past. And then take one of them and say this in your mind: 

  • John, I forgive you for treating me as if I were your servant. You are probably not even aware of how I feel.
  • John, I forgive you

AND: Do not forget to FORGIVE YOURSELF!

It is not necessary that you believe any of this. The only thing that matters is that you keep going and apply these phrases like a prayer or a mantra, if you will.

How often sould you do it? 

In the beginning you will probably need to set times, to remind yourself, to get used to thinking differently, thinking positively. I recommend to schedule 15 minutes for Ho’oponopono three times per day. Do that for a week. 

In the second week increase it, and do 10 minutes every waking hour. (Remember the post-its?  That is what I did, to remind myself constantly.)

As you become more confortable with the method, you will apply it to every thing and everybody at all times. Eventually you will identify the feeling of openess and forgiveness within yourself at all times. 

Try this for a week or two and then come back and let me know how it went. Have fun with it!

Ho oponopono, I am sorry, forgive me, thank you, I love you

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6 thoughts on “Ho’oponopono Method”

  1. There is a good book on this technique
    How to Become a Miracle-Worker with Your Life: Steps To Use The Almighty Ancient Technique Of Ho’Oponopono

  2. He told me I was cheating and would not take any part in it. I was not, had not and had NEVER planned to. I loved him but would feel neglected around his friends. I felt like a spare part. I called a male friend for advice and he said go and talk to him. I said he is with his friend I am scared of the rejection.

    He saw me on the phone and said I was cheating. I told him he could talk to the person or anyone else. I cried because of the way he held onto his position.

    I did the Ho’oponopono prayer and saw that I no longer needed him to believe the truth. That I was begging for love, so as I said the prayer and could see that I do love him, I am sorry, I thanked him for allowing me to see that mutual love and reciprocity is not forced, and although I have not seen him, I have asked him to forgive me in the inner world.

    I also asked me to forgive me for being so scared that no man would just love me. How I kept taking the neglect of myself, from myself.

    I was able to face up to where I may betray myself and open to more self respect. So I now take it slower with people, giving us all more time and self respect to pursue the dreams that honour us. He taught me more self love and trusting self. I like my own art much more and my own talents.

    Yes I love him, I thank him, I am sorry and please forgive me for my high horse. I do not know what it feels like. I am now doing brain balancing and spending more inward time loving up on my self. My dreams are more vividly full of shared love.

    At the time of writing this I am asking myself to see myself as God sees me. Hence the brain balancing stuff. He got me to drag up and clear that old picture of me.

    Reece, I love you,
    Reece please forgive me,
    Reece thank you,
    Reece I am sorry.

    He is my gift, to turn back to God and not force anyone to love me before I love me.

    Thank you. I do love you for that and I can look at me in peace and want to be with me, honestly.

    • Hi D.

      It is truly beautiful how Ho’oponopono can change the way we feel about people and things, and the way we look at things and situations.

      This is a wonderful story. Thank you so much for sharing it. Judith

  3. Thanks so much for tonight’s workshop & for sharing the blog post.
    Very useful & insightful 😘


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