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How the Mind Works

Compared to the ACIM Consciousness Model

How the mind works, with its different consciousness levels, perceptions, and the concepts of ego and self, is a complex mental construct.

Combining the illustrations from the Spirit Mind Body Connection and theWhat is Consciousness into one unified model throws some light on how the super conscious, conscious and subconscious mind work in relation to each other.

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The following illustration 2 is a combination of the two models above. If you are not at all familiar with them, read the related articles first.

Spirit Mind Body connection ACIM compare

The conscious mind which is our awareness of self occupies the same space as the body in the illustration 1. That is how we experience our selves: A mind within a body.

The sub- and unconscious mind is located further within the body. The closest to our conscious awareness is the level of fear which is part of the subconscious.

Even further within the subconscious we find what A Course in Miracles calls the Miracle level or the level of Love. This level is completely unaffected by the level of fear. At the core is Pure Spirit. Many would define this as the Soul.

The super conscious mind is on the outside of the body. It cannot be experienced through the dense sensual perception screen, the black ring defining the outer line of the conscious mind.

Everything is intertwined with and contained by Divine Spirit which is LOVE in reality. As already said in Soul, Spirit or Mind, love cannot be perceived – it can only be experienced.

What ACIM situated BELOW in the Consciousness Model becomes WITHIN the body in illustration 2, and what it situated ABOVE becomes OUTSIDE of the body. In both models Spirit or Love is everywhere. It contains all levels of mind and body.

During our lives as humans we locate our consciousness within the physical body, and forget everything that ever was before or what will come after the sensation of being a body.

The super-conscious on the outside and the subconscious levels on the inside stay out of reach as long as we only rely on the power of our body and conscious mind.

The Direction of Perception

The perception of the five senses is always directed towards the outside of the body. This is illustrated with the red arrows.

We focus our belief on our perception and expect to receive some information. This information we project onto our perception screen which reflects our reality of the world.

As we trust our five senses, we also trust the information collected by our sensual perception to be objective and the only reality.

What we don’t know about how the mind works is that we can:

  1. influence how to perceive this information
  2. choose how to judge what this information means to us and
  3. see a different world to the one we believe to know

You can see that the red arrows originating within consciousness and within the level of fear always point towards the perception screen.

Fear is the domain of the ego. The ego will never allow you to venture and search within yourself. It is well aware that you will have no need for it anymore, once you rediscover your True Self within.

So if you search to find a different experience, you will NOT find it as long as you expect to find it with your five senses. That is simply searching in the wrong direction.

You will always only see the same reality you already see. You may exchange one thing for another, one house for another, one job for another, or one person for another.

But if you want to know true peace and joy, you will need to learn to let your awareness journey within.

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