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How To Change My Life?

“How to change my life”, you wonder? That question is the very necessary FIRST STEP in the right direction. The question indicates that you are ready and willing to move your life into a new direction.

Change Your Thoughts

But it requires just a tiny change of thoughts to realise that there must be a better way. And your whole life will begin to take a turn into a new direction.

Change Your Attitude

No matter where you find yourself in your life right now and what beliefs you accept to be the truth, there is always room for improvement.

When you feel unhappy, something in you indicates that things are not right and need to be changed. As soon as you change your thoughts you change your attitude and with it your life.

Every Change Begins With a Thought

Any change in life begins with the thought: How to change my life? When you first find yourself in a situation which for some reason does not satisfy you any more, you will look for a way out. You may see yourself as a victim, maybe of your illness, your circumstances or of people around you. You may feel that you have to cope with this no matter what.

how to change my life?

On the other hand, you may be simply bored or dissatisfied with your life without really knowing why. You may believe that no major change is possible and resign to distracting yourself by watching hundreds of movies, playing games or reading lots of books.

As an extreme form of escape you may see the solution in “sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll”. Maybe you begin partying like mad, start having affairs, drown your sorrows in alcohol and maybe even drugs.

All that works for a while. But your dissatisfaction will nag at you until the situation becomes unbearable and intolerable. Quite often it is the not so fun stuff, sometimes even the downright horrible events in your life which make you desire a change. And sometimes change hits us, when we have least expected it.

Sooner or later you ask your self: “How to change my life?” or in the latter example: How do I improve my situation? That question will lead you to realise: There must be a better way.

This tiny thought, even if it only faintly crossed your mind There must be a better way”, becomes the turning point in your perception and opens up the possibility for change.

Things begin to shift and a new road appears in front of you. Maybe you meet someone important or you learn something new, or you begin an active search for a technique to activate the power of your mind.

Next the Method or Teacher Shows Up

When the pupil is ready the teacher shows up. And the reason I know this from the bottom of my heart is that it happens to me on a regular basis. When I am ready for the next step in my evolution, somebody shows up to guide me in the right direction.

How can I Change my life?

A few years ago I found myself in a similar situation, not knowing in which direction I should go with this website. When I was in this period of uncertainty, out of the blue a film director contacted me with a crowd funding request for his movie The Miracle Man, a biography about Morris Goodmen, who survived a fatal plane crash.

I agreed to write an article about the man and tell my audience about this project. When researching for the article, I learned of his six secrets to a fulfilling life which have helped the Miracle Man to overcome his fatal injuries. You can read a small summary about Morris Goodman clicking here.

The Six Secrets to a Happy Life

When I read the six secrets, I realized that I lived by them already, so I knew they worked. But I was not aware of is that they were actually very powerful tools, which other people were not aware of. This needed to be shared!

So I began writing and writing, and eventually put this mini-course together for my close firends and family. I shared it with my husband and he tried my 7 step course for a week. He absolutely loved it. And he urged me to put it online, to make it accessible to others.

Well, here it is – I hope it can help you, too: FREE On-Line Course on How To Change Your Life.

What is the Right Method for You?

There is no one-size-fits-all method or teacher out there. When you are ready for change or in need to learn something new you will have several options. The right method will fall into your lap or you will bump into your teacher.

If you are confronted with several possibilities and don’t know what to choose, here is an easy guideline for choosing the right method for you:

  • Whatever method appeals to you and catches your attention at this time is the right one for you, no matter what anybody else may say or might want to drag you into.
  • Trust your gut feelings and go by what you find exiting. This in itself is an important lesson to learn: Follow your instinct or gut feeling.
  • Trust your instinct and whatever is right for you will misteriously show up in your life and you will know how to deal with your question: “How to change my life?”

Methods You Can Try

Here are a few suggestions which may help you on the way:

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