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How To Change Your Life in 7 Days Introduction

How To Change Your Life in 7 Days is my popular free online course. In the next 7 days you will learn the SEVEN LESSON by which I live. They changed my life tremendously and will change yours if you stick to them. 

A Question of MINDSET

You only have this one life and it is time to start enjoying it. It requires some work or engagement on your part. The same as you need to train your body if you want to improve your condition, the same you have to train your mind, to look differently at things from now on. With this course we will change your mindset. 

You will learn step by step how to set goals and achieve them, how to improve your life and how to simply become more happy.

You will notice a shift

As you slowly change your mind, you life will also slowly shift towards the goals you have set. Maybe you notice the shift ever so slightly and only internally in the way you look at life. Maybe your mood is better, and you are less angry.  Or maybe some important changes in your life suddenly occur out of the blue.

It does not matter if your change is big or small! What matters is that you have taken the first steps towards a new experience of your life.

One IDEA per DAY

Be patient with yourself. Don’t rush nothing! Allow yourself to get used to the new ideas and apply them to the real life situations which will happen to you each day.

This 7 day course will train your mind to focus on one idea for one whole day at the time. Never do more than one idea per day. The best results will be achieved if you stay with each idea for two or three days though.

On the seventh day of the course we will do a review of the six previous lessons and create a personalised ABUNDANCE PRAYER for the goals you want to achieve in your life.

What will you learn in the next 7 days?

  • DAY 1: Never Give Up
  • DAY 2: Learn to Enjoy Life
  • DAY 3: Set Powerful Goals
  • DAY 4: Believe and Receive
  • DAY 5: The Power of Gratitude
  • DAY 6: Matters of Money
  • DAY 7: Abundance Prayer 

Change Your Life in 7 Days

Instructions to Change Your Life in 7 Days

If you want to learn how to change your life, you first must change the way you think about the very things that are making up your life. These six secrets are an excellent way to get you started on retraining your mind.

Remember to follow the lessons of the seven day course in a consecutive order. In other words, start with the lesson of day number one, the next day do lesson 2 and so on until you end with lesson 7.

You can repeat the same lesson for two or three day, as I already mentioned before. In fact I recommend it. . But never do two lessons on the same day. Allow yourself time to really understand each idea thoroughly. 

Keep just one thought, one secret in your mind per day. Look at each secret like a lesson in life. Allow yourself to contemplate and use the situations in your life to help your understanding. You may be surprised at what interesting situations life will provide for you with to learn these seven important lessons.

How to Begin Each Day

Set your alarm clock to 15 minutes before your normal wake up time. Begin each day of the next 7 days with reading your lesson and the instructions. Each lesson also has a video to help you understand the lessons.  Each lesson also has a short tagline. 

Write the tagline on a piece of paper, memorize it or send  yourself a message with the tagline. I personally prefer to write the tagline on a piece of paper, as the writing itself helps me memorize the idea. The mechanical process of writing also helps manifesting the idea into reality.

Take that piece of paper with the tagline of the lesson with you where ever you go. Try to give each idea at least two minutes three times during the day, apart from the morning and evening routine, and consider what this lesson or secret means to you.

In the Evening re-read the Lesson

Just before going to bed re-read the whole lesson and additional explanation again and observe what thoughts and memories come into your awareness. Are they different than in the morning? Try to remember at least two occasions in your life which fit with the lesson and the understanding you have gained that day.

Don’t worry either if you stay for a whole week with just one lesson. That is also ok. Don’t feel pressured! Let your lessons and your understanding unfold in due time.

When you are ready, move on to the next lesson of how to change your life to a more fulfilling one. 

Option if you prefer assistance

You have two options. You can do the course alone. Or you can have me accompany you. If you prefer to do it together with me, contact me on Instagram, sending me a personal message

Six Secrets to a Fulfilled Life

How to Change Your Life with the 6 Secrets

I came across the six secrets when I was writing about the miraculous recovery of Morris Goodman, the Miracle Man. I then applied the secrets in my life and was surprised about the profound effects it had on me. In the beginning I started sharing the six secrets with my friends and family. And I saw the changes it had on them. 

Are you ready to start?

Click here to start with DAY 1 – NEVER GIVE UP.


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