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DRAFT: Inducing Consciousness

When Our Ego Meets Another Ego

The ability of inducing consciousness when you are with a person transforms the meeting from a feeling of hostility and dislike to one of understanding and acceptance.

The majority of us feel that our consciousness occupies the same space as our body. Some would say consciousness resides within the body.

This consciousness we identify as an individual self, separated from other individual selves. Commonly called the ego.

When our ego meets another ego a powerplay begins. It decides to act in a certain way, depending on what it wants from the other and what the other ego seems to want in return.

Some egos are consistently rude, while others appear to be consistently kind. But any ego shifts from wanting to be strong to wanting to be weak. From wanting to be the leader to wanting to be follower. Conflict arises when the other egos do not play along in our ego’s choice of expression.

We usually choose the company of these egos which play along and which do not remind us too much of how poisonous and destructive our own ego is or can be.

father and son who is the boss


If we are already angry for some reason, the meeting with another can become very unpleasant and uncomfortable, even if the person had nothing to do with the source of our anger.

We might start attacking and provoking the other, to justify our feeling of anger.

A whole lot of resentment from past memories related to the person’s ego can surface into our awareness.

If this is a repeating occurence, we probably will prefer not to be in the presence of a constantly disturbing ego. But not always can we choose. This supposes the greatest challenge in our every day life.

Inducing Consciousness While Having A Fight

If we turn our awareness within while we are in the presences of another person, and allow ourselves to search to experience love, just for a moment – the meeting takes on another quality.

Try it. You will be surprised at the outcome. Inducing consciousness between people is the same mechanism as connecting to any object explained in the article Sensation and Perception.

Let’s use an example. Imagine you are a father having a powerfight with your son. You think he is irresponsible and on top of it disrespectful towards you. Maybe the whole encounter is getting  one step away from a fistfight.

Stop there and turn your attention inward. Just for a moment desire another outcome. Say silently: “I don’t want this … (hostility, fight, anger – the first word which comes into mind.)”

Do you want peace?


Search for the feeling of love, maybe remembering your son as a little boy can help.

It does not matter that you don’t hear what your son says in this moment – maybe one second or maybe five.

Important is, that your actual intention has changed from wanting to win the fight to wanting to understand and having peace. You can apply this method to any person which you feels is annoying you.

Following will happen in our father son example:

That search inward, or the desire of another outcome changes something within you. You may notice that something changes in your son’s attitude, too. Something defuses the situation. Maybe his angry response did not come as fast as usual, or maybe your son’s body language slightly shifts from total rejection or attack to hesitation.

A connection is made from your inner Self to the inner Self of your son. You have turned away from relying on the ego and its perception, and allowed yourself to see from within.

Let’s have a look at the mechanism on the illustration:

Inducing Consciousness Unites Minds

Inducing Consciousness between people


You can enlagre the picture by clicking on it.

When we search inward, the direction of perception changes. Our minds unite, and somehow our minds begin comunicating without words, they enter into a union. Instead of being a meeting between two egos, two minds unite and become one.

You have probably experienced this kind of union when you were fascinated by a person’s intelligence, or when someone has helped you understand something. It is a form of gratitude.

When we see beyond the ego of the other, we see more of what the person truly is instead of what we think her to be. We desire to help and truly communicate with each other. We become understanding of each other’s needs.

This is where falling in love with another person begins. We search inwards and can understand the other person’s motives. We want more of this union, so we want to spend more time with that person who has somehow opened a door to our heart.

When we fall in love, impulses of fear cannot reach our attention as easily. We feel like floating on pink cloud, far away of our daily concerns. Who could not love to be in the beginning stages of falling in love?

Union of Souls

When we are able to go even further – inducing consciousness within, passing even the level of the mind, a new insight emerges.

It is almost like a revelation: We realize that our core Self and the Self of the other are One and the same. We become aware of our Oneness with each other and with every human being.

In fact, we may become aware of the union with every living being in the universe, one with Life itself. This kind of union we glimpse when we experience the very first love with our small children or when our intital falling in love moves to a deeper stage.

We realize that we are One with Our Source, the Light, the Love or God – which ever word suits your experience of this Divine Self best. This is the real source ofthe power of the mind.

When your conscious will becomes the same as the will of your Source within, you become powerful beyond measure. You’ll be able to glimpse your Source or Spirit everywhere.

This moment of a deep union with another will not last. It cannot. There are other things you need to do, first. But it is one of these memories which will help you in your search for true happiness.

Once you know what that union – that oneness – is, you will want more. Revelations will come again to you – you just need to learn to search in the right place – which is within. As you become better at experiencing these moments of revelation, they come more often and with less time inbetween.

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