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It is ok to NOT to be ok!

It’s ok! It really is ok to not to be ok. When we are down many of us feel guilty that we feel down. Guilty that we are not happy and joyful. Guilty that we have nothing to give.

Times are Hard!

Sometimes times are hard. I know, because it happens to me on a regular basis. Sometimes there is a reason that I can blame my mood on. Other times there really is no apparent reason why I fall into this hole! And I fall, and fall, and fall deeper into it.

My last big downer I had end of October last year. It lasted 3 weeks or longer, and I simply could not shake it off. And I had no reason to feel depressed. I analyzed my situation, and anlayzed a bit more, and eventually it dawned on me what I was doing wrong.

We all get Downers

We all experience this, and most of us feel guilty. We don’t know what to do with ourselves. When we are down, it is sometimes impossible to see the that things will be ok, that the circumstances most likely will get better and that we will come out stronger at the other end of the tunnel.

It is ok not to be ol

It is Ok – A Lesson of Balance

At the end of the three week period I realized what I was doing wrong. I had forgotten to keep my body fit, and my mind focussed on the things which mattered in life. A mix of worry, too much work and too little fun got the better or me. Like had knocked me off balance because I had forgotten to give it a direction. Quite mad, that me who is teaching other forget to apply my own advice to my own life. So I changed my daily patterns:

  1. Daily Affirmations & Positive Thinking:
    First I decided how I wanted to feel and then I formulated my affirmations. The first three days I was reading my affirmations 3 times per day. (You can create your own using my small Positive Affirmations step by step guide.)
  2. Daily Exercise
    I started training daily again. Weight lifting at the gym three times per week and cardio are essential for my well-being. I have seen time and again, and yet somehow I forget to keep it up
  3. Watching the Sunrise
    A few months earlier I had already learned that watching the sun rise helps with spilling happy hormones into the brain, and regulating the body in such a way, that we sleep better at night. So now I made sure to NOT look at my phone until AFTER my morning walk at sunrise. That made the world of difference. I was also much more able to control which content I was consuming.
  4. Started Regular Meditations
    Yoga and Hemi-Sync were my go-to meditations. But something was missing. I needed something new. Browsing through Youtube I remembered how much I enjoyed Qigong. That standing or moving meditation seemed a perfect match for me. After one of the exercises, I felt so good, that I incorporated a daily practice.
  5. Spending Time with People
    Being with people is one thing, but actually spending quality time with the people you love is a complete different dimension. I began actively telling each person I loved, how much I appreciated them. And just simply wanted to spend time with them.

After about three days I was feeling better and after week I was a new person. I had new perspectives and I was able to connect to my intuition. I realized that Qigong was my thing, that I needed to learn this propertly as the energy flow through my body was amazing.

In December I enrolled into a QIGONG online course, training to become a Certified Qigong teacher. That is when I realized that my downer and desperation in October lead me into this direction. Now suddenly it all made perfect sense

Life Provides

That is what this whole life on Earth is all about: To understand that there are times of sunshine, and times of rain. Times for night and times for the day. There is Yin and there is Yang. I have learned this lesson this time like never before.

Life always perfectly provides and guides us into the right direction on our path.

When we loose our way, it is painful. Probably a good thing otherwise we would never find our way.

Thank you so much for reading my post. It means a lot! I would love to know your thoughts! You can leave a comment if you like, just scroll down below. I will answer it as soon as I can. I have put together some articles which might interest you. Otherwise come and join me on Instagram. Yours, Judith

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