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The Power of Intent & Imagination

Today I have a gift for you: I would like to help you experience your inherent power of intent and the power of imagination. The best way to learn using intent and imagination is by experiementing and having fun with it.

Learning to use Intent & Imagination

Like a child, playfully learn how to use the power of intent and imagination. You will soon see some stunning results after you have applied it for a while to different situations in your life.

How I learned it

I learned a similar mind power technique in 2002 in a meditation workshop. We each had to gift each other a special gift which we could use in our daily practice. The teacher gave me a a mental box filled with magic sparkling powder which I could us on anything and everything in my life. Since then, I have played around with it a lot and figured out how it works best. Now it is time to share it with you. If it works well for you too, share it with others by sending this page to them.

First Use Your Imagination

Here is my gift to you: Imagine a small glass bottle filled to the rim with sparkling dust or grains of sand. The bottle kind of hovers near you at all times. Let’s imagine further that the dust or sand is a manifestation of love, peace, joy or any other one of those feelings which we all really like to experience.

To remind ourselves what this magic dust is, we will call it the Living Love. And since it is in a bottle, we will call the the whole thing The Living Love Bottle.

You can use this special dust or sand in absolutely any situation which needs an injection of Love, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Patience or any other of the good things in your life. Allow your imagination totally free reign. Any type of bottle or similar container will do. Close your eyes for 20 – 30 seconds and see what comes to your mind.

This is how it could look if you have difficulties imagining your Living Love Bottle

Power of Intent, Imagination

Every time you use it, the bottle fills up the rim again. This love sand never ever ceases, you have an eternal supply of it in your bottle.

If you feel you need a lot of love sand, enlarge the bottle. Change the size of the love sand to what ever your needs are. The Living Love can be the size of a rice grain, or it can be as fine as fairy dust.

It can not be used with negative thoughts. It just simply will not work with negative intentions. On the other hand loving thoughts and intentions are so powerful, they will move mountains.

As long as your intentions come from the love within you, you will be surprised at the changes within you and the world around you.

Next, Use Your Intent

There are so many ways in using this thought creation. Many of them I have not even thought of in the ten years I have used it. Anyhow this magic bottle is yours now. Experiment around with it to your hearts content. Your intentions will make the difference.

I sometimes do the following things only in my mind, at other times – when I am alone – I actually move my physical hands as if I am actually getting some sand out from somewhere and spreading it over an object.

Know, that your imagination and your intentions are the first steps in manifesting miracles.

your imagination

When to use the Living Love Bottle

  • When you feel down, open it and take a grain of LOVE and place it under your tongue. Feel how it spreads in your mouth, your head and soon envelops your entire body.
  • If you want to uplift someone, just take a handful of this love sand and sprinkle it over them. See this whole action in your mind. There is no necessity for anyone to know what you are doing. Whenever they are ready in their mind to receive this gift from you they will.
  • If you see plants or animals that are not doing well, sprinkle some colourful love dust over them. You will notice how they slowly or even suddenly improve. I always do this when I change the pot of a plant, or when a bush or flower looks a little sad.
  • You can spice your food with it. When you stir in a particular “real” ingredient, like pepper or salt, sprinkle mentally love grains into it. Then notice how the food tastes and see how others tell you about the tasty dish. If you added gratitude mentally, do your dinner guests somehow become more relaxed and appreciating of what they have?
  • You can dissolve it in the water you drink. Does your water taste different? Do you feel different after a while? Did it help to relieve the headache?
  • Play around with it. You can use this Love sand for everything you can possibly think of. (And let us all know how it works best!)

Whatever comes into your mind, wherever you would like to share love, forgiveness, joy, peace, happiness, fun, uplifting or any other positive thinking, you now have a unlimited source of Living Love at your disposal.

Notice the Effects

Don’t forget to notice the effects of your intention. Just another note of advice: Do not tell others what you are doing or intending. They will more often than not look completely perplexed and think you come from another planet.

In a sense you do, as you have now entered the realm of the power of your mind. You are consciously co-creating your reality filled with positive thoughts.

Let me know if it works for you and what experiences you had with it. Share new ways of using it. Do you see a bottle in your mind’s eye or is it more a like a box or a jar? Scroll doen and leave a comment for me.

Thank you so much for reading my post. It means a lot! I would love to know your thoughts! You can leave a comment if you like, just scroll down below. I will answer it as soon as I can. I have put together some articles which might interest you. Otherwise come and join me on Instagram. Yours, Judith

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