Qigong is a healing moving meditation, part of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), sounding like Cheee-Gong. Qi means Life Force Energy, and Gong means skill or art. You learn how to become aware of your own Qi, the Life Force Energy within your body, your mind and your emotions as well, as the forces around you in nature.

Qigong Classes

Qigong is a wonderful practice to balance body, mind and emotions, and get into relaxed and healing state of mind. I began teaching Qigong in May 2022 both online and in person. Here you can see the weekly classes, special events and private classes, you can book.

Weekly Qigong Classes in Gran Canaria

Now you have various possibilities to participate with me in LUCID MIND QIGONG – Chi Kung Gran Canaria. I hold the classes in two languages SPANISH & ENGLISH ( and…