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What is a Lucid Mind?

Why Lucid Mind as a name for this webpage and what does it really mean? Good questions, and let’s see if we can answer that for you. 

Powers of the Mind

The development of the powers of the mind is the main topic of the Lucid Mind Center website. You will find many effective ways and techniques for helping you become aware of these powers within yourself.

The aim is to become LUCID: Awake, Aware, Happy, Joyful and Loving.

What is a Lucid Mind?

A person with a lucid mind has become cristal clear about who and what he is in this human experience. He becomes a leader, a shining light, helping others to find their own way and light within themselves. There is nothing mysterious or mystical about a Lucid Mind. He has gone beyond the madness of humanity and has with logic and reason discovered who he or she really is. 

Mind Body Connection

He has accepted that although he is not the creator of Life, he has the Creative Power of Life within him and therefore co-creates with his Creator or Source.

Your Mind is not in Your Body. Therefore NOT in Your Head. Rather, it is your Body that is In Your Mind.

A Lucid Mind is completely aware of his or her power and directs his or her power towards only one goal – the experience of true love, peace and joy.  This is only possible if every Living Being is included within this goal; there are no exclusions of life.

A lucid mind knows that life is eternal and synonymous with love. What changes are shapes and forms of this dream world we call reality, but the life energy is always constant.

Enlightened or Awakened?

In this context the word lucid is probably most similar to the words enlightened or illuminated, or even awakened. But these words lean strongly towards traditional spiritual and religious practices, which I did not want to confuse you with in the Lucid Mind Center, although the goals ultimately are the same. Namely to return to full awareness of Being One.

Reaching that goal is done by discovering who we really are and living a fullfilled, happy life. The methods suggested here are not strictly traditional, spiritual nor religious. They are alternatives to the traditional paths.

Definition of the word ‘Lucid’

According to Official Dictionaries found on

  1. clear; easily understood

  2. mentally rational; sane

  3. bright, luminous, translucent or transparent

  4. coherent, logical, lucid; capable of thinking and expressing yourself in a clear and consistent manner

Lucid Dreaming

The definitions of the word LUCID and the concept of Lucid Dreaming inspired me. During a lucid dream the dreamer becomes consciously aware that he is dreaming – we say he becomes lucid in his dream. If he can hold on to this awareness without waking up he gains the ability to take conscious action within the dream world. Some people have the ability to turn a Lucid Dream into an Out of Body Experience.

Well, a Lucid Mind does the same, except not in a dream, but in the conscious reality as a human being. He takes conscious awareness and responsibility of all the thoughts he has, the choices and decisions he takes and the actions leading from this.

Would you like to become more lucid? I recommend you start with guided meditations with Hemi-Sync.

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4 thoughts on “What is a Lucid Mind?”

  1. I believe I fall into this category. After walking through hell and remaining constant in logic, not acting on thought! Not believing all thoughts, but that they’re possible! Realizing that only with 100% proof of something is what I will believe! That unfortunately is a rare thing and tormenting! If I had sought truth of every thought I would surely be mad! So glad this is out here!
    Thank you

    • Dear Janine,
      So glad you can see yourself mirrored in this category. Thank you for taking the time and sharing your thoughts and letting me know that this is helping you along.

  2. So I did a personality test and my results are “eminently logical, we are worship at the altar of your lucid mind”. I then Googled lucid mind and found this. Perfect description of myself.
    Thank you so much.

    • High Nkosiyapha,

      I am very glad to meet another Lucid Mind! Welcome to the Lucid Mind Center. I hope you can find something which helps you expand your consciousness and maintain the lucidity in your life.

      Best regards,



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