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NU: The Spirit Mind Body Connection

The Spirit Mind Body Connection makes us human beings. Each one of us identifies himself with one the three aspects Body, Mind and Spirit more than with the other two.

What ever aspect you identify most, will give you safety. You will mostly rely on its power. For example, if you identify yourself with the body, you will believe, that a healthy and strong body is necessary to enjoy life.

You will believe that things and goods bring you safety, and that the mind is a product of the brain.

If you identify with your mind, you will believe the mind is in charge, and the body is ruled by the mind. You will like intellectual knowledge, and count heavily on science.

Very few of us have recognized that they are Spirit. The ones who have, remember who they are and have full access to the Power of the Mind.

The battle of the titans in this world is really between the body and the mind, and since it is a battle, it is a battle of egos. And either one would not exist without Spirit. Yet spirit can exist perfectly well without body and mind.

So, whichever the aspect, it becomes the ruler of each of our lives. And, the ruler of our happiness!

When you understand how your mind works and how it relates to spirit and body, you can easier decide which of the three aspects you want to identify with and draw your energy from.

Introduction – Spirit Mind Body Connection

I will try to explain, to the best of my understanding, how the Spirit-Mind-Body-Connection works. I have tried to make this as comprehensive as possible, dividing the whole concept over several pages. I am in the process of writing a book, where the concept will be extended with an indepth explanation. 

If you need clarification, please write to me.

heart field round 11k

To most of us, the abstracts concept of spirit is difficult to grasp because we cannot perceive it with our physical senses. We have become to rely only on the perception of these five senses. In a way, we are locked in this perception.

The concept of mind is more plausible as we do use our mind to think with. But many believe that neither can exist apart from the body.

Yet in every spriritual tradition there is talk of an eternal soul, spirit or higher self which is supposedly at the center or the source of our being. And we all agree that the mind with its thinking power somehow influences our physical and emotional well-being.

The mind generates its power from that which an individual considers to be real. In other words, the power of our mind depends on what we see as our truth.

You may be aware of the power of your mind or you may not. But without this driving force you could not be alive as a human.

The mind is like a motor. It puts things into motion. But let’s see how it relates to Body and Spirit.

The Explanation

In a nutshell the three human aspects connect like this:

  • Spirit is the Source.
  • Mind is the activating agent of Spirit, intended to set the inherent power of the source into motion. Mind is the instrument of Spirit or Source.
  • The Body is a manifestation of the mind.

You can see there is a definite hierarchy between them.

Small illustration of The Spirit Mind Body Connection


Spirit Mind Body connection simple sideThis very simplified Body-Mind-Spirit Model explains where each aspect of our Self is located in relation to one other.

The Body – in orange – is at the center of our attention, usually the first aspect we consciously learn to identify ourselves with when we are born.

The Mind – in purple – is within and around the body.

Spirit – in the light colours – is at the core of mind and body while at the same time containing both the body and mind within itself.

The aspect of the body is pictured here as a square, but it could also be in the shape of a human body or a simple ball or sphere. Nor is the mind a circle. Undestand the shapes and colours just as explanatory aids.

When slicing the model in half, the cross-section of the Spirit Mind Body Connection looks like this:

Illustration 1: The Cross-Section of Spirit Mind and Body

Spirit Mind Body connection G1 

We see now that the body at the center in orange and yellow is not a ball nor a square but a hollow ring.

On both the out and inside of that ring is the mind still in purple with a slim grey circle bordering the body.

Although Spirit is everywhere, in its pure “form” it is at the center of body and mind while at the same time surrounding them.

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