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The Monroe Institute

The Monroe Institute, short TMI, was made especially for exploring the mind and consciousness but with a scientific approach in mind. Every room, every hall and each member of staff helps you on your journey into the vast dimensions of your mind.

Even the surrounding landscape seems to emit the necessary energy to get you (out) there…

The Right Place to Explore

If you are searching for a place where you can start a journey to explore your Total Self and rather use a scientific method than following a spiritual tradition – the Monroe Institute is your place.

Here you have the chance to explore your consciousness and find your own answers to your most urgent questions. A facilitator guides you through the exercises, but the experience is yours to discover.

Today the Institute offers over 20 different workshops, either onsite or off. At its core stands the Gateway Voyage which has been offered to the public since the early 1980ies. The 7 Album Set Gateway Experience gives you the chance to join the magic at the comfort of your home. 

Awakening Consciousness

This video Awakening Consciousness reminds me of my very personal Gateway Voyage and sensations I had at a two-day course with Hemi-Sync:

  • Play with the light as the light being each of us is.
  • Union and reunion with origin.
  • Full Acceptance

Weeklong Seminars & Workshops

These numerous different workshops and seminars are really what distinguishes Robert Monroe’s Hemi Sync from any competitors who are offering similar products.

Robert Monroe wanted to construct an educational facility for exploring and teaching altered states of consciousness. In his 60ies a very wealthy man, he sold most of his properties and businesses in order to purchase the extensive grounds where you can find the institute today in Faber – Virginia.

Instituto Monroe 255h

What the Monroe Institute stands for

The Monroe Institute (TMI) opened its doors in 1979 to offer its Hemi-Sync technology to the wider public.

Thousands of people have participated in its numerous residential programs to date. And thousands more have participated in its offsite residential programs, me being one of them.

There is no dogma – no spiritual, ethnic nor political preference: Everyone is welcome at TMI! Although, you will be asked to consider the possibility that you are more than your physical body.

Robert Monroe included an affirmation early in his own Out of body explorations. After including it in his preparation for his journeys into out of body states things really started happening. He called it the Gateway Affirmation, named after the basic residential program Gateway Voyage.

In each Monroe Institute workshop or course, no matter if onsite or off, you are introduced to it in the first exercise. Then you are asked to memorize it or to come up with your own similar affirmation. Click on Robert Monroe Institute Gateway Affirmation to see its complete text.

When participating at a program at the Institute each participant has his own booth or CHEC unit, where he sleeps during his entire stay for a residential program and where he listens to most of his Hemi Sync exercises.

TMI’s Mission and Research

The Monroe Institute serves as the core of a research affiliation investigating the evolution of human consciousness. Related information they make available to the public. At the Monroe Institute Research Division you can find a whole library full of research papers over topics such as ADD/ADHD in children, analgesia use, task performance in adults while they listened to binaural beats.

The Institute is devoted to the idea that focused consciousness contains definite solutions to the major issues of human experience. A greater understanding of such consciousness can be achieved if research is coordinated.

On his deathbed Robert Monroe requested one final wish of his daughter Laurie Monroe: “Get it out there!”.

The institute’s mission today is to make Hemi-Sync programs and workshops available to everyone – everywhere in the world: This is achieved through the Outreach program and the Outreach Facilitators.

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