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Near Death Experience BOOKS & Authors

I read my first Near Death Experience Book in 1982, by the name of Life After Life by Dr. Raymond Moody. I was 13 year old, and the book awoke a deep feeling of knowing within me. Since then Near Death Experiences, NDEs in short, never failded to capture my interest.

The first NDE books

Raymond Moody was the first to publish a book about NDE’s where he shared a collection of dozens of NDES with a systematic approach. The book is the result of numerous interviews of ND-experiencers from different walks of life, age, race, gender and more. The very term NDE is said to be coined by him.

Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross was also one of the first ones to write about the interviews she collected over her years at the hospital she got from dying patients. Nowadays there a numerous renowned authors, deeply involved

Types of Near Death Experiences

There are two kinds of NDE books. Either personal stories from one individual with an amazing Near Death Experience, or collections of dozens of NDEs from such authors like the before mentioned Raymond Moody, Kenneth Ring or PMH Atwater and so on.

Personal Near Death Experience Authors

Near Death Experience Authors

Here are my favourite near death experience authors. They usually have not had a NDE themselves, but have come across numerous NDE’s through their profession and a general interest in the topic.

Dr. Raymond Moody

Dr. Raymond Moody is the pioneer in Near Death Experiences Research and the person who coined the word. His life’s work has changed our society’s view on life and death and in many ways helped us to lose the fear of dying.

Melvin Morse

Melvin Morse is another famous NDE researcher, specializing into experiences children have when being near death and returning to the physical existence.

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross is most known on working with the terminally ill  children, aids patients and old people. In her book On Death and Dying Dr. Kübler-Ross was the first to explore the now-famous five stages of mourning a death: denial and isolation, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

Kenneth Ring

I particularly like Kenneth Ring’s book Lesson From The Light, because he analyses in it how NDE affected people afterwards, how it changed their view on life and how they subsequently changed their lives. Mindsight is about Near Death Experiences of the blind. Life a Death is a statistical analysis of 100 NDEs.

P.M.H Atwater

Another author of Near Death Experience Books, Mrs. Atwater has reached international recognition. She has expreienced three NDEs herself and gladly reports about them in her books. She also writes about other topics like Indigo children, Runes and so on.

Where to buy NDE books?

Living in Spain it is hard to find English books in a book store. So long time ago I began buying most of my books on I love to download a free sample to my kindle, and read the first few pages via Look Inside Button and see if the book speaks to me. The  on-line store has all books always in stock and I can browse around and get recommendations. Then I decide if to order in paper or just keep reading it on the Kindle. If I order a paper copy it arrives at my door a few days later, despite me living on a different continent.

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