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Near Death Experience Research Foundation

The Near Death Experience Research Foundation is a virtual research center which has the largest online archive of Near Death Experiences.

Who runs NDERF

It is run by the physician Dr. Jeffrey Long and the attorney Jody Long, who are dedicating a large part of their free time to this page. They have done an extraordinary job in first collecting and then making all this NDE material available to the public.

It is the largest NDE website supporting currently about 25 languages. You can read many interesting NDE stories there or share your own.

I am quite pleased that I have found it, because it truly does deliver a wealth of information about Near Death Experiences which I have included in this NDE section of the Lucid Mind Center.

The Overview of

To make it a little easier for you to find your way around there here a few links. When you click on a link, the page will open in a new window while this Lucid Mind Center page will remain open underneath:

Share Your Story Here Too

If you have a NDE story you would like to share you can do it here by using the form below. People visiting here are so keen for reading about NDE’s – so your story would be a wonderful treat for them and of course for me.

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