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NU: Near Death Experiences

nde titleNear Death Experiences or NDEs are intriguing peeks into the life after death.

People who are lucky enough to have gone there and back describe their NDEs as the most vivid and real experience of their entire lives. More real than this physical reality, they say.

The NDE occurs when a person finds herself fully alive and conscious outside her physical body during a critical life or death situation like unstoppable bleeding, drowning, heart attacks or during a deep coma.

When out of body, the person’s senses are increased and she feels more alive then ever. Initially she is scared and wants to return to the physical.


But as she becomes accustomed to the new state of being, she is so fascinated with that new sensation of freedom and unconditional love that she desires to NEVER return. Her physical existence she finds is painful, dull and limiting in comparison.

This ‘not wanting to return’ is just one of the 15 Typical Near Death Elements.

She observes from hovering above her physical body how it is being resuscitated and then suddenly finds herself back inside it with all the old sensations, pains, worries and feelings of separation and limited space.

The messages received are profound and personal and the revelations so all-encompassing. For many the experience is so overwhelming that they immediately change their outlook on what life and death is and later slowly but surely their entire lifestyle.

The lessons on the picture below are from Dr. Eben Alexander which he received in his amazing NDE. No-one expected him to return from a deep coma caused by a severe viral meningitis, and if so, certainly not mentally intact. 


lessons nde


The very first investigator to collect a great deal of personal Near Death Experience stories is Dr. Raymond Moody. He published these amazing accounts in his first book Life after Life in 1975.

Since then, our medical system has improved greatly and more and more people are resuscitated, resulting in more Near Death Experiences and the scientific study of NDEs. Dr. Moody has written several more books and more scientist have dedicated their time to NDE research such as Kenneth Ring, PMH Atwater or the late Elisabeth Kübler-Ross.

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Here are the main articles about this amazing experience of being Near Death and returning to physical life:

  • NDE Books 
    Here you will find the best books about NDE’s either about personal experiences or collective research
  • Typical Elements in the Experiences Near Death:
    Raymond Moody has identified ten typical elements, but from reading other materials I have found 15. Here you can find the list of the most common elements near death.
  • NDE Research Foundation
    Here you will find links to this amazing website which has an enormous amount of data about NDEs.

Amazing Near Death Stories with YouTube videos:

  • Dr. Eben Alexander: A neurosurgeon in a coma has an NDE and converts from a complete sceptic of any non physical existence to a devoted teacher in spiritual realms.
  • Anita Moorjani: After four years of a severe cancer Anita falls into a deep coma. She returns with an amazing NDE, and completely heals from her cancer.
  • Dr Lloyd Rudy: A heart surgeon witnesses the NDE of the patient he operates on and has to declare to be dead.
  • Christian Near Death: Some people familiar with Christianity identify Christian entities in their NDEs.

Coming soon:

  • Near Death Study
  • Raymond Moody 
  • NDE Research and Stats
    As many as 9 million people in the US have had a near death experience
  • Life After Death Experiences
    The different ways of experiencing or glimpsing what the liife after death is like
  • Lessons from NDEs
  • Out of Body Experience or OBE
    The out of body experience is a key element of the experience of near death. The OBE’s most important advantage is that one does not have to be near death to experience another state of being
  • Learn to Out of Body Travel – the theory
    There are different techniques to assist and speed up the process of travelling out of the body
  • Out of Body Travel Teachers and Methods – the practical
    NDEs you cannot learn – because there is chance you won’t return. But Out of Body Travel you can. Here you will find the best methods and teachers.

Of course, as fantastic and fascinating these stories may be, unless you have experienced a NDE yourself, you have to rely on other people’s accounts.

Since I first read the NDE stories aged 13, I was torn between wanting to have an NDE and not wanting to go through the physical trauma and pain of being near death.

I would never provoke a near death experience as things can go seriously wrong.The movie Flatliners with Kevin Bacon, Kiefer Sutherland and Julia Roberts shows the seriousness of playing with life and death.

Anyway there is a much safer way: The Out of Body Experience is an important element of near death experiences. It can be learned and is therefore a safe entry point into experimenting the state of being outside of a physical body.


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