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Never Give Up – Change Your Life DAY 1

Welcome to Day 1 – the first lesson of this free online course on how to change your life. Today  you will learn to believe in yourself.

Everyone has a Bad Day!

Sometimes you have a bad day. You despair, you are upset, you feel useless and simply don’t have the energy to get up again. Sometimes it turns into a bad week..

That is OK. It is only a bad day or a bad week. But NOT a bad life!

Stay where you are for a while and gather your bearings. Relax. You will recover and your energy will return again. Just remember how it returned every single time you were feeling down before.

Take the time to check out where you are standing. And use it in your favor. Figure out why did you get here, in this place, with these feelings, these problems? And how?

Never Give Up

Day 1 – How To Change Your Life

In life it does not matter how many times you stumble and fall. What really matters is how many times you get back up.

When you stand on a top of a mountain and you would like to reach the next summit across a valley, you have to get down into the valley before you can start climbing up again.

If you could fly like a bird or even soar like an eagle, you could fly from one summit to the next, easily – just like that. But you don’t know how to fly, just yet. And there are important lessons to be learned – that is why you are here at this exact point in your life.

It is never the obstacle ahead of you that is the problem. It is your thought about the obstacle that makes it either an immense problem or an interesting challenge. The way you feel about what lays ahead of you is what either speeds you up or slows you down.

Once you have climbed up, the obstacle turns out to be a stepping stone necessary for the next level in your understanding. But if you are stuck, relax. Allow the situation to unfold.

Maybe someone is reaching out to help you, but you are too proud to take the hand. Maybe you are missing a puzzle piece and you need to wait a little while longer before you can move on.

Maybe some other situation, which appears to have nothing to do with you, needs to unfold first before you can move on. Maybe your mere presence is needed in this uncomfortable place you find yourself in.

Keep three things in your mind

To learn this lesson keep three things in mind:

  1. DESIRE: Express the desire that you want to move on in your mind. Say it aloud in front of a mirror, or write it down on a piece of paper.

    Something like this: “I want this discussion with my partner to be over. I want to find a better way to talk with each other. I want to find a new job.” You can even tell someone you trust if that can work for you.

  2. TRUST: Then let go of needing to change the situation forcefully right now. Allow yourself to relax and trust that you will find a way. Only when you are relaxed will you hear the voice of your inner wisdom.

    You just may wake up one morning and know what to do. Or your partner will 
    actually approach you to make up. Or you will stumble upon a job coincidentally. 

  3. ACTION: When the impulse comes, follow it. Do not procrastinate then to rethink the situation one more time. Now is the time to move on, time for action! Go! If you fall again – that is OK. You need these mistakes to learn.

    You know what to do, don’t succumb to your fears. Your partner comes to apologize, don’t act too proud to give in. Or worse, use this as a moment for revenge! Now don’t forget to follow up on the job offer.

Never Give Up – More Instructions

In the morning read the lesson and the whole text. Then write down or memorize the main part:

In life it does not matter how many times you stumble and fall. What really matters is how many times you get back up.

Consider just how many times we had to fall over as babies before we were able to walk upright. Our muscles needed the time to strengthen, our brain its time to make the necessary connections.

The same applies now: Allow yourself the time to learn and to fall, and then get up again. Never give up. Always try just one more time to get back up.

In the evening try to remember at least two occasions in your life when everything seemed helpless to start with but turned out just perfect in the end.

This lesson on how to change your life is about your learning to have faith in the good in you. Because it is there. The good is wisdom, love, peace and joy. You have only temporarily forgotten about it.

You have probably already seen this video about the man without arms and legs, who has become a motivational speaker. But this it fits so well to today’s lesson on how to change your life: All that matters is that you get back up.

Inspirational Video

Nick Vujicic is an inspiration to us all. Born without limbs, and yet he has found a way to live a fulfilled life.

This is the first day of this seven day course. Remember, if you feel that you rather repeat this lesson one more day, no problem. Move on when you feel ready to Day 2 – How To Change Your Life.

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