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Other people’s opinions are not a Reflection of You!

Sometimes it is hard to stay positive when you are fearing other people’s opinions of you. But let me tell you, that no matter what people say about you or do to you, even if some of it might be correct to a certain degree, it is still not a reflection of you.

Other people’s opinions are Reflections of them!

What people say or think about you is a reflection of them, of their level of understanding, of their stage in life and of their state of mind.

And this goes both ways. Whatever your opinion about others is, is also NOT a reflection on them, but on your state of mind and an indicator whether you are in the ego mind or in the Higher Self or Love Mind.

The ego mind is insane!

The ego mind is insane, and constantly looking to blame someone for something. For its misery. For its unhappiness. It wants to punish you and punish others. The ego wants to keep us locked in the ego mind all day long if we let it. The ego mind tells you that others people’s opinions of itself matter.

Figuratively speaking, I see the ego as a pocket of darkness, fooling us to stay focused on the centre of its darkness and proving to us that there is no light. “There is no love”, it insists. “You have to protect yourself! You have to defend yourself! Life is dangerous! You are a body and only my logic will keep you alive and safe!”, the ego says. The ego is fear, expressing itself in anger, depression, attack, false pride and all the other expressions of self which are lacking love.

Other peoples opinions

The way out of fear

The way out of fear is to recognize what fear really is, and how the ego mind is using it to keep us locked in fear.

All we really need to do, is to turn around, lift our gaze above that pocket of darkness and see the sheer beauty of the world around us. Try it! Consciously focus on the good in you and on the good in others. Everybody has a Higher Self, a True Self within them. Many of us have forgotten that, though. We have forgotten that we are Light beings or rather Love Beings at our core. And this Human Experiences is only that, a temporary experience.

We came here to help each other out of fear. Through our more or less difficult childhood experiences, though, we have forgotten about our decision, our mission, our reason to be here. Forgiveness is the most powerful tool out of the ego mind. But the ego has distorted what forgivenss is and found new reasons why we should not forgive others.

Forgiveness is about Overlooking the Actions of Ego

Other people's opinions quotes

Forgiveness therefore is not about forgiving what people have said and done, whether it is yourself or someone else. It is NOT about forgiving other people’s opinions.

Forgiveness is about overlooking mistakes, what ever they may be. It is about focussing on love, on the good in others.

Forgiveness is understanding that yourself or the other was momentarily caught in a pocket of darkness, in a moment of insanity, and for a little while forgot there is a loving world, a different way to look at the world. A different way to do things. A different way to say things.

There is Always a Better Way!

There is always a better way. It is that simple. Note, I am not saying that it is easy to find a better way. What I am saying is, that it will be WORTH it. To look for a better way to interact with people and to interact with yourself is always worth it. Once you find that better way and start practicing it on a daily basis and begin applying it to any situation, life will become oh so rewarding.

So, there is always a better way. There is a loving way. Always. The challenge is to will it, to decide to find it, to choose to go the path of love instead of fear.

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Let me know if this speaks to you. Do tell your thoughts. And share this with someone who needs to hear this.

❤ Love to you. ~ Yours, Judith ❣

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2 thoughts on “Other people’s opinions are not a Reflection of You!”

  1. A Divine eye opener on our insane Ego-self. The ego created human seperateness. Disconnected us from our Universal interconectedness. Eradicated the feeling of everyone and everything aroune me is my own mirror reflection. Judith, there are no others, each person in front of me is my own mirroe reflection. My judgments on him or her is reflecting my state of being right now. I love you Judith for this divine post. It reflected all the essence of Ho’oponopono Methodology. God Bless You the Divine Judith.

    • Hello Balaram,
      First of all, apologies for this late reply. Yes each person around us is ultimately ourselves in a different “incarnation” if you will. It is not that we are all alone. It is more so that we are all in this together. We are all leaves of the same tree, or waves of the same ocean, or molecules of the same body. Ultimately we are all one. But somehow we have forgotten that. And now time has come to speed up the time of remembrance. That is why we are here, at this time. And that is why there is sooo many of us.
      Love to you, Judith


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