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Podcast: Monroe Institute, OBE’s, NDE’s, Ghosts & more

The Podcast is out! A talk about the Gateway Voyage, Near Death Experiences, ghosts, aliens, Ho’oponopono and much more.

What we talked about

We talked about many different topics. Huda and Sahil from Humane Productions are great interviewers and asked interesting questions which triggered more interesting topics. Here a list of the topics: 

  • Near Death Experiences
  • Out of Body Experiences
  • The Monroe Institute
  • Robert Monroe
  • Gateway Voyage
  • Ghosts
  • Aliens
  • Ho’oponopono
  • Deep Insights
  • We are all one
  • And much more

The Podcast

Humane Productions

Huda and Sahil of Humane Productions started a new podcast in 2021 and are already amongst the top 100 in the topic of SOCIAL SCIENCES. I have started following them right after they contacted me, and I really like their style of iterviewing and the topics they share. Also really funny. 

My Thoughts about the Interview

This is the first time I have been interviewed about my metaphysical or spiritual insights and ideas, and was less prepared then I thought. When I listened to the podcast, hearing myself for the first time I was mostly cringing, and was beating myself up about the conceptual mistakes I made, momentary stuttering, and my life-time issue of speaking too fast and trying to get too many ideas over too fast. 

But, then I listened to it again.

A few days later, after I slept a night or two on it I went back to it. I got a bit of distance of my critical self talk, and listened to the podcast one more time. This time I liked it. I now accepted that this is me. This is my style of talking. I never cared as much about shapes and forms, as much as I cared about content. About Substance. About Truth. 

In this podcast interview I share what I know, what I have tried and tested, and also what I believe to be the truth. No master has fallen from the sky I told myself. And, actually, that which I wanted to bring over to people I did. 

I hope you enjoy it. And I hope you can take something away from the podcast, something that inspires you. If you have any questions, thoughts or ideas, I would love you to share them with me. Simply use the comment box below.  

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    • Awww Marzella, thank you so much my dear.
      Thank you for taking the time.
      Yours, Judith

  1. A great interview! Your knowledge is abundant Judith and you are such a fabulous teacher. Looking forward to learning more especially the Hemi Sync.

    • Aw Nicky, thank you so much for listening to the podcast and taking the time of letting me know. Hemi-Sync sessions are coming up asap. <3

      Yours, Judith
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