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Training your Mind into Positive Thinking

To get into a positive mindset or state of mind you have to train your mind for positive thinking every day.

There are five factors I have identified in people who are generally happy, which they have in common. These five factors helped me get into a positive state of mind. And return quickly to a positive state of mind, when I am feeling down or unhappy.

Livestream on Positive Thinking September 2021

Positve Thinking has to be done daily!

Positive Thinking is like showering, you gotta do it every single day. Training your mind into positive thinking has 5 attributes, or 5 access points:

  1. Awareness
  2. Gratitude
  3. Connection
  4. Forgiveness
  5. Awe of the Divine Nature

In the Livestream I descripe each attribute in detail. I do hope it is interesting for you. If feel so inspired leave a comment below and let me know what you think. 

How often do I need to do Positive Thinking

I want to talk with you about training your mind into positive thinking. Many people actually come to me and say: “You know I’ve been doing this positive thinking last week and it doesn’t really work because i’m feeling really negative again today. ”

And then i have to answer to them: You know Positive Thinking is like showering. You have to do it every single day. In fact, it is more like eating, because you have got to do it more like three times a day or maybe even if the things is going tough, you probably have to do it every hour. Or more often. You kind of have to keep a mantra in your mind which is keeping you on the positive track.

The Tools

There a special tools which are gonna help you train your mind. Positive thinking is not just wimply about thinking posititive. Positive thinking is about getting your whole mind into a positive state of mind.

There are five important tools as mentioned above:

  1. Awareness
  2. Gratitude
  3. Connection
  4. Forgiveness
  5. Awe of the Divine Nature

The first one is awareness. You have to become aware of your Self. You have to be in the present moment. This is one of the the key factors for staying positive because one of the reasons why you might may become negative is because you are thinking about things which are in the past. You are angry or unforgiving and you are feeling disappointed.

Or you are afraid of the future, the uncertainty, you don’t know what is going to happening. What I mean by being in awareness, is that I want you to be in this particular present moment.

basically the awareness of the present moment is the key because if you’re not in the awareness you cannot control how you are thinking and your thoughts are influencing the way you’re feeling and then your feelings are influencing your train of thought if you are not aware of the present moment so that is the first tool is the awareness the second the second uh point is gratitude gratitude is is probably the most powerful tool and the most easy tool which is going to help you get you into the present and get you to feel good and there is definite different degrees of gratitude you know you could be grateful for for just uh for just having a a cup of coffee like me here now i can just be grateful for that or you can be grateful for for big things that you’re living in a country where where freedom is one of the the the key motivators in that in that country so there’s different levels of gratitude i don’t wouldn’t say that there’s the level of god is that there is different things you can can be grateful for but gratitude is always the same and so what we want to activate is gratitude the third thing um i want to talk about is the connections you have to be aware that you’re connected to everything you’re connected to the nature you’re connected to a higher power whatever you like to call this some kind of divine power and you’re connected to other people so this particular uh thing is also very important that you become aware that you’re connected this is all part of the mind training these are not separate things it is like when you’re training your body you you can only train you can you can go into the gym and only train your arm or you can train your whole body and you can really become strong all over so this is also what we are doing here we are i want to talk with you like i said about those five key factors which are important to to be become positive to have a positive thinking mind the fourth one which is probably a little bit difficult for many of us because we have not really been taught how to forgive why forgiveness is really even important if i didn’t really is important and the fourth factor is forgiveness you have to be able to forgive others yourself the circumstances and everything and i will talk a little bit what forgiveness actually means and the fifth one which is very which i find is very very helpful is is the all of the divine creation of the of the divine nature that is surrounding us and is within us and who we really are so and i don’t mean or at an idol and another human being or something this is not what i’m talking about i’m talking about the or of creation itself those five factors if you know how to do them if you if you are if you learn how to do them and if you train your mind to to consistently use one of those five to enter into into into a state of grace i would say um that is what positive thinking it really is about so i’m going to just repeat them quickly and then we’re going to go through each one of them again and it doesn’t matter it’s not like an order it’s not like one of those five is more important now this is just five doors which are helping you and whichever whichever one of those five is helping you to get into the state of grace to get into a state of positive thinking and have positive thoughts well that is your entry point but you cannot always enter the state of grace through the same door sometimes you need to try another one and so that’s why i want to repeat them one more time so one is awareness awareness and being in the present awareness you of your thoughts of your of your feelings awareness presence in the in in this particular moment the second one is gratitude for me personally i believe is this most easiest door the one which is the easiest to open this the the third one is that you need to realize that you are connected you are not alone you are connected to everything to the divine nature of yourself you’re connected to other people you even connected to nature you’re connected to animals even if you if you know how to connect the fourth one is forgiveness forgiveness means overlooking that there are mistakes or sins or whatever you might might call them forgiveness is about being generous allowing others to to to make mistakes and allowing yourself to make mistakes this is forgiveness and the fifth one is all for the divine nature of things okay so let me just go one by one now awareness means that you are here in the present moment awareness means that you do not dwell on on past happenings of course sometimes it’s important that you that you look at the past and analyze it and say okay well i’ve done this wrong or this happened okay next time i’m gonna do it better that is okay that you should do this is this is why we have a memory to be able to analyze the past and say okay all right so next time i’m gonna do it better or i’m not gonna allow this person to talk to me like that or i’m not gonna uh behave like that anymore when somebody says this or something that is okay to think about the past and it’s also okay to think about the future to then plan like okay now this is what happened in the past and in the future i’m gonna do it different this is also then it’s okay to say okay in the future i’m gonna do it that way but what is important is that you must not dwell on it it is important that you must not constantly think about the past or the future you have to become aware you have to get into the awareness of the now you have to you you you you should kind of observe your mind and observe your thoughts and with that particular observation as ecotolicals it you know the observer behind in the back of the head i almost would say the observer behind who is observing the thoughts by observing you you will really get into the now and it’s only in the now that you can train your mind you can’t train your mind in the past and you can’t train your mind in the future the only place where you can train your mind and the only place where you can begin your positive thinking is in the now so that is why i call it the awareness whatever helps you to get into the awareness you got to you got to do this awareness can be there is a different i mean also awareness is is is within the body i would say so that is also one of the a great tool to get into the awareness of the body is to use outside stimulations like for example going to the gym moving your body you know moving a muscle that gets you into that because of the pain it hurts when you are when you when you are when you are moving your muscles for example or into in a difficult yoga pose or something it gets you into the awareness so use the body to get into the awareness go for a walk go for a run

use your body to to get into you into the awareness um the second i hope that is i hope that awareness is uh kind of explained to you a little bit the next one i want to talk is about gratitude now gratitude like i said before is one of the most is the is the easiest way of getting into into joy it’s the easiest way to become um

aware of the beautiful things in life so

i would do that i would recommend you do that at least twice a day and if you are really on a bad patch if you’re really having a negative patch because we all all get it it’s nobody’s nobody is never on a downer everybody is on a downer for death for several different reasons so don’t ever think that you’re the only one we all have them the difference is between people is how long do they stay in it do they do does it take them does it take them a year do their word further fall further and further and further into the hole or do they or do they just have a week or two or three and then actually figure out different ways of getting out i myself have been in a downer only three four weeks ago and it took me about 10 days or two weeks to get out of it slowly um but and that is also why it’s fresh on my mind what actually helped me um like i said one of the things which helped me which was a key factor for me is that i had to go to the gym i really had to use the the my body and i had to use for me specifically it works very good that i go and work my body hard because then a lot of the negative energy kind of goes out of me and and gets used up in the muscles and then i make space for new fresh thoughts fresh energy so um so for example just being in the gym i could be grateful i was grateful that i could just even move my body i was grateful because i actually needed my husband to motivate me to activate me i was just grateful to him that he that he had taken the time and and and dragged me kind of by my hair into the gym and i was grateful for that i was grateful that i’m sharing i was sharing my thoughts on instagram um this is basically where i’m where i’m sending out my motivations uh once a day but

it was hard one of some of the days i just couldn’t find a motivating uh uh phrase which was resonating with the feelings i had and uh i shared this particular thought on on instagram and then loads of people connected with me so i was very grateful for that so it was like uh uh and i can see it in other people who are generally grateful for for things and for for circumstances that they that they are generally happier people than the ones who constantly pointing at negatives and cannot find gratitude within themselves so that’s why i think whatever it whatever you need to do to actually feel grateful do it um whether it is to go into a self-help group you know where you practice gratitude or you make a little course where you do gratitude or you’re writing things down whatever it is that helps you to to become integrated in a grateful state into grace do it okay but don’t think that if you just do this course now for a week or you do it this course for a three for three months period that this is going to be it that’s going to be magically going to resolve your life no this is not how it works we are in a world where there is day and night there is darkness and light there is winter and and summer there is high tide there is low tide there is rain and there is sunny days so and you are part of this you are your body let me put it this way your body is part of this and your body is following the laws of the nature of this world so you cannot actually um you cannot actually change that fact so you’re gonna have to be kind of accepting that this is the this is the way of life what you can influence is how long you go how long you stay in those downers and how you feel when you are getting into the dying into those downers it’s like you can’t avoid sleep you have to sleep but what you can influence is the quality of sleep so the same it is is there is that when you run a downer you can influence the the way you’re experiencing that down and you can actually use it for for positive uh even even them you can use for a positive uh

outcome in a way you know what i always say is you know when you’re on a mountain and you have reached a peak and you want to go and reach the next peak you’re actually gonna have to walk down into the valley walk through the valley and start climbing the next peak unless you knew how to fly but we don’t know how to fly yet so and i mean that in a in a i don’t mean it in a in actual sense of flying i mean it in the in the sense that you mentally don’t know how to fly yet so you go you have to go down into the valley and climb up the next peak once you become in a in a very in in a state of grace in a state of constant grace which some of us actually have achieved

then you probably could fly from one mountain to the next but there is also some very very important nuggets you meet when you go down nuggets of gold you you pick up when you are in those downers you you re consider life you you say okay all right this doesn’t work for me and it hurts right now but you know what i’m gonna go for this walk now and then you realize that this walk is actually helping you and it helps you to get into gratitude you know sometimes when you’re on this peak we sometimes also get a little bit

unaware we become we become complacent we think are we we are so great and then sometimes life needs to knock us down and get us back into reality okay so why that’s why i think it is it is very very important that you use gratitude

as often as you can and prepare and and learn the tools when you are in when you’re in when you’re in the in on the highs when you’re on the peaks learn to use the tools when you’re in the peaks that when you get into the downers that you know how to use them and also you’re going to meet people who are going to need your help so you are learning so you are learning how to be in the highs in in the high how to be in the low and how to get up on the high because you will need to help others which are gonna come on your way you’re gonna need to help them

get out of them situations themselves which brings me to the next point which is connection i mean this is already you can see already that i have already explained connection you are connected to people you are not alone your thoughts influence people you you may have thoughts influence outcome and influence people some people are receptive for your thoughts so for example when you let me just an example a person you are very connected with could be a very good friend it could be a partner it could be a family member we are really connected to and i’m sure it has occurred to you that you’ve been thinking oh i’m gonna call them now and and just as you pick up the phone they have called you or they’ve sent you a message it is almost as if they have picked up your thought or you have picked up theirs so that is for example proof to you and there should be enough proof to you that there is a connection between you and that person and you maybe have observed it in other situations i mean this is uh in other situations like for example you were thinking oh i need to

find a gift for this for this particular person for their birthday and then you walk into a shop and there is the gift with their name on it kind of that is also a sign of connection but those connections to people this is this is again this is a this is a kind of a sign for bigger greatness which is in within you so this is the connection to your higher self to your to the nature in itself and to to also again become aware which is our first point that you are part of nature

you really i mean positive thinking is that you that you tune in into this into this who you truly are and i have said this before but i will i hope you can hear me now because an airplane is uh flying past again

the connection to yourself where is it you see we are when we are in this wake consciousness we are right now the impulses you are getting for doing things or the impulses you are you’re getting whether you’re going to be thinking positive or negative they are not coming from your conscious mind they’re not coming from your brain they are coming from your subconscious self or your higher consciousness so with the consciousness when i’m when i’m saying that the connection you you need to want to connect to your higher self and you need to want to connect to your through your deep level of subconscious to your instinct to your intuition so i would say that the intuition and the instinct there they’re in the in the in the lower self because they’re placed somewhere in your in the awareness of this of this body because that’s why we have a body we have a body and and we only can perceive through this body physically we can proceed we’ve got our five senses and we’re perceiving through this body you know you can only see what your eyes can see and you can only hear what you are what your ears pick up your skin is your feeling thing you you you you feel if it’s cold or warm and so on you’ve got your mouth you’ve got your mouth to taste things when you’re eating if it’s poisonous or not poisonous if it tastes good or not good you your mouth is your taste buds are giving you a message and you know this is picking up the smells but there is a sixth sense and the sixth sense is that you are seeing hearing what you did there is like a there is like an equivalent of each one of those five sentences five senses within yourself where you basically can close your eyes and you and your you activate the vision you are you are not listening to this you can’t close your ears but you are can you can tune in into listening into your inner inner this is for example you may be recalling a conversation so you’re hearing the conversation so these are your inner ears which are hearing or you can recall a taste that is your inner taste buds this is not your taste buds here which are which are feeling it it’s your it’s your inner taste which is which is which is feeling that so um with the connection

ah what i wanted to say so so we’re talking about the higher self and the and the and the lower self so there’s something which we call the ego or the fear for me for me the ego and and fear is an equivalent to each other the reason why i’m looking at this that way is because i have started the course in miracles for almost 12 years i think it is 12 years and um it took me a long time to understand it but i have but i have understood from for myself that the the word ego is is to be equivalent with with fear and fear is basically feeding of your subconscious self of you are of that what you truly are you truly are love and um love is that thing that you feel in your in your in your in your belly i would say maybe this is also where where the where the sixth sense is it is it is like in the belly you can feel when you when you for example love somebody it’s the feeling in the in the belly which is which is getting warm and and just before when you fall in love with somebody and you’re just gonna meet this person you got you what they’re called you get like airplanes and butterflies in the stomach it’s kind of painful very interesting is because there’s no pain there but you actually feel it in your belly and then also um when you’re heartbroken it kind of feels in the heart the heart hurts very interesting you actually can feel it right under it’s like the solar plexus you can actually feel the pain even though there’s nothing there it feels like there’s knives being stuck into your solar plexus so this is your this is your inner experience of yourself this is within your body right but you are not only the body you are much more than that there is there is a consciousness which is all out that’s why you can connect to people that’s why you can um feel a revelation that’s why you can uh marvel at or be in or at nature is because there is a there’s a bigger sensing bubble i would say there’s a bigger sensing bubble which can be close to your body or you can expand infinitely and so to differentiate and and to make it more understandable between us um and again always always leaning on the course miracles which helps me to understand that is that the higher self is out there somewhere is out there it’s the revelation it’s the divine it’s the higher self it’s a divine powerful energy and the inner self is your subconscious is your love which is always with you now the higher self is also love you have to kind of imagine that that your body is hollow it is really hollow because if you if you go through here you go through the mouth and it all goes down through and it also comes out again so your body is kind of hollow if you imagine that so when you do like this there’s a straight line from your mouth coming out of your bum

and so if if you kind of would widen that space and if that would be air you would actually really realize that this is a circle so you’ve got your outer consciousness and you’ve got your inner consciousness which you feel many of us we’re just concentrating on our inner consciousness we’re just concentrating on that what is within us and that’s what we what we’re defining as as being ourself but the problem with this is that you have got your consciousness which is there which is your subconscious and the belly but there is this level of fear which is between your between your conscious love self and your and your fear self which is the ego and we’re just calling it the ego to it’s the little devil on your shoulder which is telling you you are not good oh look they’re trying to teach you oh this person really doesn’t deserve this why do i not have this this is the ego this is the fear level of your of your conscious of your subconscious level so all the impulses you’re getting into your consciousness are either coming from your subconscious or from your higher consciousness but the problem with the subconscious is is that you are there is a layer of fear from your upbringing as a human from your childhood from the school from the bullying from the from the the way you you have treated people as well badly this that all this gets eaten in all this is laying in your in your also in your belly and it’s covering up this true self which you really are which is love and so the impulses which are supposed to come the the the with the course milk calls the miracle impulses which are supposed to which are actually coming all the time you know where you want to help somebody you want to help somebody or you want to do something good they have to kind of travel through the fear consciousness and by the time they reach your your awake consciousness they might be distorted so you might so you walk past somebody who’s begging on the street and you’re first impulsing oh i should give him a i should really give him uh five dollars and then your ego self starts why you should go for work you know i should go and work something why should i give him something and then you actually might walk past the guy and look at him in content and that is the experience you know the first impulse is a quiet nice warm impulse and then the second impulse when when traveling through the fear goes no you should work where you are forgetting to look at this other one

and his higher self you you actually allowing your ego to connect to his ego and if you say to him he will probably say yeah you’re [ __ ] right you and you know karma language so whereby the higher consciousness is the is the place where you get revelation you also get the inspiration divine inspiration so for example artists when they connect to this revelation to this to this higher self they can create amazing things and then when they look at their their art they they’re saying wow did i do this because i don’t feel like it was only made feel like like i have connected to some inspiration which did that for me the bells are ringing on the um so

so i want you to become aware that when you are training your mind that you need to be aware of those levels of consciousness so you’ve got your wake consciousness you have got your higher consciousness you’ve got your subconsciousness where your instinct is laid and also your inspiration i mean inspiration can come as well from inside and from outside and when inspiration is really working it means that the iteration is circulating from the outside to your inside that’s why you are that’s why you’re able to create these amazing things because because it’s it’s occupying every part of your body you know you’re you’re becoming an instrument of the divine power and again just so let me repeat this again you have to imagine that your body is hollow i know that we have got our crown chakra here and this is where the energy going but really this is not where the physical opening is the physical opening is in your mouth

and it comes out of your

and basically the other opening on the other side is through the anus there is a connection we are we are hollow inside it’s just that there’s a lot of things going on in between but you can go through so when the inspiration comes in it connects to your subconscious through fear fear cannot even stop it’s it’s it cannot stop it it doesn’t even exist and inspiration is flowing this can be you can feel it sometimes when you help somebody you you kind of go and help that people person and then suddenly you feel this energy you feel this light within yourself this is because your outer self and your inner self has connected and it’s all shining okay so that is where i wanted to speak about the connection it’s interesting that is exactly the third point in my five point thing it’s exactly in the middle of the of the five just repeat again there is not one of those points which is more important than the other these are just different doors which are helping you to enter your your higher with your hand and helping you to enter this this this uh this this positive state of thinking i’m actually loving here that the wind is coming and the bells are ringing and and i’m wondering how this is going to come with this is the very first time i actually doing a live video on on youtube and i would really like to know what’s what you think about all those things which i’m sharing with you here now so let me get to you the fifth point now which is forgiveness now forgiveness like i have also already been talking about on on instagram but i would like to elaborate on that be a misunderstanding what forgiveness is we we think that forgiveness is that you first of all have to acknowledge and say okay this was a mistake and then you have to go and say oh i forgive you for this you know so you’ve done this this and this and this wrong but i am great and i will forgive you for that but that is not how forgiveness work forgiveness works that you overlook completely that there was a mistake you overlooked completely that there was a sin in christianity what we have done and i don’t know how it works in the other religions because i i haven’t really studied them but i know in christianity because i’ve grown up as a as a catholic and grown up in christian countries what we are doing in christianity we we are calling a sin are we calling him a sin a mistake which is which is kind of a big mistake so if you for example kill somebody this is a sin or if you are unfaithful this is a sin because we’ve got those ten commandments and if you are when you have done anything which is which is uh which is part of those ten commandments then it’s uh which is which is like don’t kill don’t lie don’t indulge you know not uh connecting with god and those ten commandments so if you if you break any of them then this is called a sin so the the sin issue is a big deal which we are which is ingrained in us and if you do too too many sins you’re gonna end up in health that is what we that is what we are being told as christians but the reality is that if you are not forgiving yourself and others you are in hell the hell is here there is no hell when you get out of this body there is no hell when you die unless you connect to these unforgiving thoughts

then you are dragging the hell into the afterlife

and that is what i have also said on before

if you want to and awaken all of us if we want to escape this hell here on earth and it is helpful on some of the places it’s i mean the situation where we are in and there are several places who people are people are not aware they are not grateful they are not connected they are they are not forgiving and it’s hell on earth

and to be able to escape that each one of us has to connect to that and each one of us is part of this and as i have said before there are seven billion of us on this earth seven billion of us have to become aware have to become connected have to become forgiving have to become in or of nature and of the divine and if they don’t and if they die and somehow are stuck in those stuck in those unforgiving thoughts they do not return to the light so they need to be kind of reconnected as well so one of the great ways to do this is to start practicing forgiveness here on earth right now forgiveness means that you are overlooking that a mistake even happen it’s like when a child is doing something wrong and if you are a good parent because some of us we have been taught wrong ourselves so we have some of us have have done what our parents ancestors and gospels have taught us and we just repeated the mistake um normally when a child does something wrong so for example say a three-year-old goes and smacks a one-year-old right so some of us instinctively through the fear first the instinctive comes and forgive him and then this fear says no no no he has to be taught at three and then we scream at the three-year-old why did this make the one-year-old but as a matter of fact the the three-year-old didn’t even understand that he actually hurting the one in one year old he just made a mistake he didn’t he didn’t know so when you’re knowing other than when you’re a great educator you may be just going to tell him you know don’t hurt the the wonder woman actually hurts him and then he might look at you and say huh or maybe the one year old might might cry in a cece because you’ve heard the because you hurt him physically down now he’s crying you know you kind of explain it but you’re not going to punish him you’re just kind of kind of overlooking and say you know you should you shouldn’t really be doing it come on let’s hug let’s kiss everybody we all love each other and if you do if you’re actually able to to bring up your child like that you’re going to bring up a greater you’re going to bring up a more happy human being and when you bring up a more happy human being that more happy human being is going to spread more happiness in this world and if you when you observe our our evolution when you observe our our western community or also peaceful communities on the world if you come if you observe them there’s usually a lot of forgiveness a lot of inc inclusion within them everybody is equal in this in those particular societies and they are treating their children also with more love and so so everything becomes more more um joyful it’s more joyful to live in those countries you know so forgiveness is about overlooking that there was a mistake and if it’s difficult for you to forgive that definitely recommend you do a forgiveness course one of the brilliant tools and easy tools again i’m always recommending there are cosmere acoustic milks but it’s not it’s not for everybody um it is very intellectual and it goes gonna go very deep and and there and the undoing of certain errors within yourself uh might be very profound it might be very painful so it’s not for everybody if you are being called for the to the course and we could do it but if if don’t now go out and buy the course miracles because it’s not necessarily for you and um

what was i going to say

yeah the one which is working really really well in that i like is the hope on upon a mantra where you’re basically applying the four phrases of the of the mantra to any of them

uh to any situation which is really which is really not working for you so that could be it is the four phrases it is i love you thank you uh please forgive me um thank you i would add the fifth phrase to that which is i forgive you and the basic in in ho pawn upon what you do you’re basically applying those four phrases and then please use the fifth phrase as well to any situation to any person who you cannot forgive you kind of another one which i liked very much was the sedona method um which helped me uh apply forgiveness and also just letting go of those negative feelings letting go and applying it to work situations to my boss and to into similar situations like that so um i mean forgiveness is crucial forgiveness is the probably most difficult depending where where you are in your in your evolution yourself but forgiveness is is is is the most difficult door if gratitude is the easiest forgiveness is probably more the more the more difficult though but if you don’t learn to forgive you’re not gonna be able to be in the joy and you see forgiveness is is how it works really when we are angry with somebody when we are when we are when we hate somebody when we are accusing somebody of something if you really allow yourself to observe it it’s not because of what they have done to you it’s because of what you are doing to them that you are not able to forgive you basically blaming them for what you are doing to them

so so the step of forgiveness is that you forgive yourself and you forgive the others and you’ve got to learn this and this is something you’ve got to do every day just like showering or i would even extend it it’s like breathing you have to be you have to be able and wanting to forgive everything and everybody and then that is where you can be in a state of grace and that is where you’re going to be able to fly from peak to peak without having to go into the valley which i mentioned at the beginning of our chat and the last one is the awe of the divine nature

see or

you’re not supposed to feel for for another human being or you’re supposed to feel at the thing which has created you the god the creator the divine self the divine

nature whatever you have to you gotta become aware that there is a hierarchy of creation even though let’s talk let’s take let’s use the word garden we’re just going to use the word god for simply so for simplicity god is not a god is not a man with a white beard in a in a christian universe who will be judging you god is energy god i will equal with love the way i have said in the beginning you are equal you are putting ego equal to fear i would put the word god equal to love and every time you use you use god in your in your everyday communication instead of using god replace it with love and see how it feels to you and also for the course in miracle students but if you’ve got difficulty with the word god like i did just replace it every time it appears just replace it with love and see what you and see how it feels you see

god is the is the creation it’s the original energy it is there abundantly is there at all times and it’s everywhere it is within you it is without you and it’s it within everything now this particular life here is a bit like a it’s a bit like a dream it’s like an illusion and when we die we are returning to this original state of being which is which is divine energy really if we do not hang on to unforgiving unforgiving thoughts and carry on our health into the non-bodily state into into the state where we don’t actually have a physical body and all is to to feel at it made because everywhere you look and when you can see the divinity in the the thing you’re looking at or the thing you’re hearing for example when you hear a an amazing piece of music where you can see that there was there is an inspiration that there is it is inspired by the divine energy this is where all is okay you can you can feel all for that or when you can see the the the like i’m looking at this tree now and it’s actually really amazing how there’s life energy within this tree i mean all i mean all of nature i’m in all of the order of of things i mean all when i look at the the sky and the clouds and and whatever the stars and everything i mean all about the in the movement this the depths the the the the creation itself

and as much as i think that part of it will really we have created we have co-created this situation for whatever reason we have done that i don’t know but what i do know is that we have to return into joy and happiness and into positive thinking and spreading

this love which we really instinctively feel all of us feel it but we for some reason we are cutting it out and say no i cannot spread love no i’m going to spread order i’m going to spread law instead of forgetting the reason why we created the law in the first place is because some people had difficulties to to let the love spread so we made rules for them to to make it easier for them not to get into some negative uh actions not to kill people not to lie not to uh do adultery not to not to steal not because they’re not supposed to do it it’s just because they’re going to feel bad about it and we don’t want them to feel bad so we made those rules and we said don’t do this don’t do this don’t do this don’t do this and you’re going to feel better that’s why those laws are there not because we’re going to punish you no because we want you to be aware that if you do this you’re going to feel better we’ve all done it we’ve all lied some of us were stolen some of them some of us have done bad things and then we felt bad about it so that’s why those rules are there to kind of make you make sure that you don’t do them but sometimes it’s also good to do certain things so you learn why you don’t want to do it so for example you realize if you’re lying it it it it becomes and you’re lying a lot you be you get into a net of of lies where you do not know yourself anymore what is truth and what is not what is what is what is the lie and that’s why it’s easiest just to be honest because there’s nothing to think about if you always tell the truth okay so the last one again was the or of nature the aura of not that the of nature the the all at the divine

nature of the things you are observing individual five sentence or with your sixth sense with your inner eyes it’s that so let me just repeat them again the five things which are important for training your mind is to stay in those five states is to become aware you awareness it is very important you need to be in the present gratitude the easiest portal i find find things to be grateful for every day do it every hour do it every minute if it’s necessary

connect with yourself and connect with others help them share your knowledge share your thoughts share your time when you’re sharing your knowledge you call it teaching when you’re sharing your time it’s called attention and when you’re sharing your kindness it’s called helpness helping help help helping so connection is number three connect to others and connect to yourself and connect to the divine nature to your higher self fourth one forgiveness difficult one for some of us learn how to forgive you can try hope on a pono you can try a course in miracles you can try a sedona method you can find a different course out on the net or observe a person who is really good at forgiving and ask them how do they do it and why do they do it do it forgiveness you have to practice all the time as well you obviously cannot do everything all the time but just try to to give yourself five minutes in the morning and five minutes in the in the evening before you fall asleep to contemplate that and the last one is the all of the divine nature in everything that you observe video five senses and with your sixth sense when you’re not using the five senses allow yourself to be in awe go in there go near the ocean and observe the power the sheer power the the ocean has or observe or be a or the all of the breadth of air that the air is everywhere we don’t appreciate it if there is no air we die i don’t know how long it takes for example if you’re locked room where there’s no there’s no uh air but basically if you if somebody uh remove you know wants to kill you just take your airway and we are dead within a minute or something not within a minute it takes it maybe a little bit longer but i just want you to be in awe of of the divine nature which is all around us and we’re not paying enough attention to it so again awareness gratitude connection forgiveness and awe of the divine nature these are the five things which are

which you might you need to train your mind to stay in this particular state

so i hope this was interesting for you i’m judit from the lucid mind center you can follow me on instagram lucidmindcenter like that lucid mindcenter you can follow me on my website which is

and this was my first broadcast live um let’s see how that went on youtube and yeah join me have a great day have a great evening great afternoon great morning wherever you are in the world and remember that you are a divine being having a human experience we are all one and our life is eternal see you have a great day

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