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The Power of The Mind

The power of the mind is the creative power within you. If you are not already aware of it, you can learn how to become aware and then consciously connect to it.

When you do, your sense of happiness and joy will increase.

Connect to this Power Within

To connect to this immense power within you, you need to understand there a three aspects to you, as a human being. You HAVE a body and a mind, and you ARE Spirit.

You may think that you are a body, that you have a mind, which is a by-product of your brain, and that spirit is a strong alcoholic drink. That is ok.

This kind of thinking is just a temporary memory loss of who you are in truth. But, that very memory loss is also the reason why you have forgotten about your true power.

There are three aspects of your human Self: Mind, Body and Spirit. So there are also three entry points for discovering the power within you.

Read the Spirit Mind Body Connection to understand the hierarchy between them.

Connect Through The Body

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Become aware of the power of your mind through your body. Keep your body fit and healthy.  Without your body there is nothing you can do in this world.

In the very act of how you are looking after your body you are declaring what you believe to be right.

There are a few things you can do to give all the necessary vitality to your body:

  • Do some kind of aerobic exercise to get your pulse rate up, 2 to 3 times per week. Do more if you enjoy it – by all means!
  • Do some kind of anaerobic exercise which stretches your muscles while allowing your body to enhance your sense of balance, at least twice per week.
  • Eat healthy whole foods every day
  • Spend some time outside every day
  • Allow for plenty of rest and sleep every day

Some people can only meditate while doing physical exercise. It is a well known fact that people have reached enlightenment through martial arts, Qigong, Yoga and other physical movement. Shamans use dance to enter into trance.

All that said, there are people, who have completely remembered their Spirit Self, they do not need any excercise to be fit, and some are really that far, they do not even eat anymore. They eat absolutely nothing, for years, and keep totally healthy.

For the rest of us, who do strongly identify with their bodies: Let’s look after it. It is the only one we have for the time being. And let’s learn to activate our inherent healing power.

So, discovering the power of the mind through the body could be just the right one for you!

Connect Through The Mind

Chakra Meditation

The mind is, of course, the driving power behind all thoughts. It is usually our thoughts which are making us feel good or bad. Instead of allowing your thoughts to create havoc in your life, learn how to direct your thoughts towards what you would like to experience and what would make you happy.

If that sounds logic to you, than there must be something which is more powerful than the mind. And that is what we want to discover. It is like the fuel in the car body, is its power. But it is still you, who is driving the car.

A major step towards happiness, joy and peace is to retrain your mind:

The Power of the Mind has its Origin in Spirit

Connecting to your Inner Self, Higher Self, Divine Self or simply Spirit – what ever you want to call it – is really the ultimate goal. The power of the mind has its origin or source in Spirit. Spirit is totally abstract. It has no shape, no form, no colour.

What is the shape of love? What is the colour of love? It’s smell? It’s form. There is none. Yet we all know what love is.

Spirit is Love. If you have ever experienced love, in what ever “shape or form”, you have connected to the spirit essence within you.

Once you have experienced a union with Spirit – just for an instant, life can never be the same again. We are all one with spirit at all times. But 99,9 % percent of us humans on this earth cannot remember.

We have destilled that Spirit essence of ours into hundred different names, the same as we have dissected Love into hundreds different meanings of love. Yet Love is only ONE.

Spirit, as it is Love, can only be experienced. It cannot be perceived. In fact, the process of experience is a sense of remembering. 

It all starts with the Desire to Experience. And the result is full memory recall. You see, it is not that you need to learn to experience your Spirit Self. It is more a question of unlearning all the rules and habits which made you forget your True Self in the first place.

To experience Spirit all tensions needs to go. The mere act of wanting or wanting to have is the wrong action for experiencing Spirit. By consciously undoing the obstacles in your mind you make way for remembering who you are.

When you connect to Spirit, you experience a revelation – it feels like a communion with the Universe or God. It can come as sudden and as intense as a thunderstorm, so powerful that your life completely changes within a day.

But you can also experience revelations as little drizzles of awareness as your mind opens up. And each time, you adjust your perception of the world just a little. In either case, you will find it next to impossible finding the right words to explain what is happening to you.

Here are a few articles which may help your understanding:

When you start working towards discovering the powers of the mind on the physical level, begin retrainig on the mental and desiring on the spiritual level, all else will fall perfectly into place.

Imagine that every human being on this earth does this. Imagine what we can accomplish as a human unit?

Imagine all the people only decide to have only peace and actually refuse to fight each other anymore.

That is true mind power. That is the Lucid Mind – the mind enlightened. The mind finding its way back to its Source – becoming ONE wih the Divine Love.

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