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Powerful Shamanic Music for Meditation

Shamanic Music for meditation is always powerful. Mixed with Hemi Sync signals it becomes even more effectice for reaching profoundly relaxed and deep meditative states. 

Shamanic Music Specials

First I like to introduce to you the Shamanice Music Specials with Hemi-Sync, compilations on 3 or more albums, as well as DVDs with visual stimulations. Further down you will find quite a big number of Shamanic Metamusic albums. If you like to listen to a sample click on the image and through to the sample. 

Meditation with Shamanic Music

With this Shamanic Metamusic with Hemi-Sync you will get you into a deeply altered state of consciousness or meditative state within minutes. Within these deep states you can explore the magic world of power animals and spirit guides.

Metamusic is meditation music mixed in with Hemi Sync signals without verbal guidance. Hemi Sync is a clever combination of binaural beats, music, special effects and/or verbal guidance. For best effect it is recommended to listen to Shamanic Music over stereo headphone or stereo speakers.

Shamanic Metamusic


My Recommendation

judith mallorca drop 9kI often meditate to Shamanic Music and I like it a lot. My favourites are Between Worlds and the Shaman’s Heart Collection by Byron Metcalf. 

At one of my vision quests I had a close encounter with an American Indian medicin-man/shaman who prepared a special potion to heel a twisted ancle in the physical reality world. It was amazing – the person was healed from a twisted ancle over night!

Pick and choose what you like, and download your favourite stuff right away and start practicing. If you have any questions feel free to send me an email at the contact me page.

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  1. This is very important direction to take for the human race to consciously propel evolution of our struggling with blind spots brain. Hopefully the humankind wakes up to this need before it is too late… And we came to the brink of extinction already!

    • Hi Rozalina and Gutman

      I totally agree, the human race must propel evolution towards the expansion of consiousness. So glad you found your way to the Lucic Mind Center.
      Thank you for leaving your thoughts.
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